Commodified Amenities

Commodified Amenities Compilation Album

Vapor95 through its record label DARKNET is extremely proud to present Commodified Amenities, its second compilation album release. A nine track album with a plethora of sonic seduction from various artist around the world. From Lo-fi Hip Hop to Vaportrap. From Synthwave to '80s Funk. This compilation has it all! Stream on our Spotify channel or listen on our Soundcloud.
Wherever you indulge, just remember: Commodification of your Amenities allows for more Luxury Memories.

Compilation Teaser Video


Track 1: “At Dawn” by Octavo

Off to a positive, inspiring start, this track lets you know "this is REALLY happening." It's the perfect intro credit song. With a soaring melody and an array of dynamic synth plucks and stabs, this song takes you on a magical journey. (It even has an epic middle section for slow-motion close-ups of your new rollerblading tricks!) "At Dawn" feels like summer's just begun and all the graduation caps are still suspended in the air and your whole life is ahead of you. Everyone keeps asking "so, what's next?" but don't let it dampen your vibes one bit, okay?

Track 2: “Anesthesia” by Androx

This track's bassline has been scientifically proven to replace gasoline as fuel in all '80s sports cars. It's burning hot. What's better than the standard, plodding, head-down, white-knuckling synthwave? Synthwave with dynamic progressions and a suspenseful buildup, too! This song evolves. Throw in a handful of motivating melodies and you've got your daily dose of get-off-your-ass-and-do-something-crazy. There's a war going on out there. You're the last one left. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Track 3: “Lunch Time” by issa_me_rigo

One critique of electronic music has always been that anyone can do it. This track provides an example of a warm, soft melody crafted by a true musician. A melody that tugs at your emotions and makes you whistle hours later. The cool, minimal percussion will get you moving and shaking. How can such relaxation and reflection come from a simple melody and percussion? I don't know. Life's full of mysteries likes that. When you find yourself taking the elevator to the penthouse in the Vapor95 luxury shopping plaza, you'll hear this song and you'll know everything's gonna be okay.

Track 4: “Members Only” by Shaun Mecca

Are you a member? Because this track's for members only. This track is pure hip hop with a funky bassline and a smooth collection of lyrics and rhymes. This track puts out vibes that the west coast legends would be proud of. No flexing. No mumbling. No beefing. Just positive vibes, dreaming about the vision you're creating your life to be while you cruise in your car to eat dinner at 3 AM on a random Wednesday night. That's what hip hop has always been about.

Track 5: “Meda” by Parunormal

Not for the musical faint of heart, this complex track has all the makings of a vaportrap masterpiece. Trapping, vibing, bobbing, swerving. Take three measures of crackling trap percussion, one curious melody, a repetitive and eerie synth and mix it all together. Now, add a layer of nostalgia and aesthetic that define vaporwave. Garnish with a subtle vocal sample. You've got yourself a vaportrap classic. "You're going to love this," as the song says.

Track 6: “Anime Score” by Stel Leo

You're going to instinctively want to snap your fingers when you hear this track. That's how magnetic the percussion and melody of this track is. If you can't snap your fingers...well, what the heck is wrong with you? Just kidding. There are plenty of nooks and crannies of this song into which you can cuddle up. A deep, subby bass to test your sound system's capabilities, a dreamy, uplifting melody, claps and hi-hats galore. Listen to this track and sail to new territory on the map in the RPG of real life. It's your time to discover a new world.

Track 7: “It's Like Magic” by Zereph

You could throw any of those classic, nostalgic sitcom Dad voices of the '80s and '90s over top of this track and you'd make yourselves a fine retro commercial. The song crackles like a distant memory playing on an old record player. The melody twinkles like shooting stars that come and go. It's a brief track to remind you of how sweet life really is. This song comes with a bona fide nostalgia warning. It's gonna make you feel some things and sometimes feeling feelings feels like too much. Let this track take your hand and guide you safely to FeelsVille.

Track 8: "Silver Blue" by Sehn

Where's your driver's license? This song pays respects to classic synth lords who pioneered synthwave before it was trendy to be synthy. (Psst! Kavinsky...are you there?!) It comes with powerful piano chords to lull you into sedation, an incredible synth arp to bring you back to life, a shimmering bassline to steady your pulse. The song crescendos to a tender intermission. Then, it's back to it. Street lights flashing by as you race around the track one final time. Will you catch your archrival and take the lead? Will you emerge victoriously? Disclaimer: Vapor95 is no longer taking angry phone calls from moms and dads wondering why their child got their fifth speeding ticket this year.

Track 9: "Racer X" by Bag Of Dragonite

We're calling it Vapordrum and bass. A frenzied pace takes its grip to conclude the album. It changes vibes and tempos fast. Frantic percussion relents to calm piano melodies. Then, back again. It's a lot like life. Chaos followed by bliss followed by chaos. You race through one thing to get to another. You live in the future, present, and past all at the same time. Just like the song. Enjoy the chaos and the bliss, will ya?


We're so excited to release to you our second compilation album. We hope it whisks you away to happiness and nostalgia.

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