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Macintosh Plus X Vapor95

By River Accorsi

Macintosh Plus X Vapor95

Vapor95 and Chronos & Vermilion are elated to present the Official Macintosh Plus Lifestyle Collection. The collection features pieces inspired by the iconic artwork of the first and only Macintosh Plus release, “Floral Shoppe” (2011).

Presented in two unique styles: firstly in its original form and color scheme as “Macintosh Plus Classic” (MPC), and secondly in a black and white reimagining referred to simply as “Limited Edition” (LE).

The “Floral Shoppe” LP, released in 2011, is a seminal album in the creation and viral spread of the vaporwave genre. Floral Shoppe brought together the nascent, disparate themes that would later come to be associated with the genre as a whole.

The slogan "It’s All In Your Head", being a misinterpretation of the warped original lyrics "It’s All In Your Hands", captures the mental blur created from the rapidly increasing encapsulation of technology and the internet onto almost every aspect of our waking lives.