You Deserve Better


I’m writing this letter because you deserve better.

Over the pandemic and the past year or so, customers of Vapor95 have admittedly experienced extended and frustratingly long wait times to get the products they have ordered. I have personally ordered from a few companies that didn’t ship my order in the stated time frames and I’ve felt the frustration at just wanting my package and getting the run around from their customer service.

I could espouse in detail about all the supply chain issues we encountered and other obstacles that plagued us over the pandemic, but that's irrelevant now. What matters the most is that as a company we have taken significant action in the past few months to alleviate almost all of our pain points and bottlenecks.

As a team we have taken incredible steps and actions to not only get our manufacturing and shipping times to within our stated 2-6 weeks, but also to ship within an even more rapid time frame.

Here are the steps we have taken so far!

Bulk Produced Our Best Selling Products: We have created our top 8 best selling graphic tees in the thousands of units. We printed over 5000+ shirts and have them shelved and ready to ship immediately. In addition we have sewn over 1000 of our best selling all over print hoodies and bulk ordered all of our dad hats, sticker sheets, pins, neon lights, and other items to allow us to ship them next day.

Increased Staff To Accommodate Our Increased Order Volume: We have hired two new incredible staff members. A DTG printer and another fulfillment agent. Our two Brother GTX printers are now running 8+ hours a day every day of the week. Our new fulfillment agent is trained and geared up to assist us with fulfilling the thousands of orders we get a month.

Stocked Up On All Supplies For Improved Manufacturing: We have ordered the fabrics we use to make out clothing in the thousands of yards and have everything here ready to cut and sew for the products we didn’t bulk. In addition we have bulk graphic blanks and all of the inks and other materials we use for production on site and ready for use.

Our Team Has Never Been Stronger: Our team here at our Downtown Los Angeles store has never been more like a family than it is now. We have developed systems and roles that allow us to work together more closely and more effectively than ever. And we are excited to be able to get your order out faster than ever before! 


We Have A 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy:  We are committed to making sure that every single customer that purchases from us is beyond satisfied. We have a no questions asked return policy and we have an incredible customer service team that responds to emails usually same day. We have also implemented a Chat With Us feature on the homepage where you can message us directly with questions or concerns.


Our core values include always learning from our experiences and using those insights to continue to improve our company. We are committed to continuously improving our manufacturing and shipping times and our customers overall satisfaction. Thank you for your support and love and stay connected for more updates!





River Accorsi, CEO