Bosozoku Face Mask

Bosozoku Face Mask

$ 14.95

Available in 4 interest-free payments.

"You're crazy, you know?" Dawn breaks across the city. The rising sun drenches the skyscrapers in light. Your delivery car rumbles as it sits in idle, floating a couple of feet off the city street. Sakuraba hands you a thick stack of vaporbits. Compensation for another night of deliveries. He laughs. "I like your moves...but you're crazy, you know?" "Thanks, I guess." You hop in the car. "Me and the guys thought of a nickname for you." "Yeah?" "We're gonna call you...Reckless." You accelerate toward the NeOsaka skyline and shout out the window. "See you at dawn."
  • This face mask is ONLY for cosmetic purposes and is NOT intended or endorsed for medical use. 
  • Created with moisture wicking Anti-Microbial Micropoly fabric.
  • Printed with non toxic water based inks and entirely re-usable and machine washable. 
  • Contoured elastic two strap design for comfort and security.