Commodified Amenities Tape

Commodified Amenities Tape

$ 18.00

Available in 4 interest-free payments.

Vapor95 through its record label DARKNET is extremely proud to present Commodified Amenities - now as a tape!

A 9 track plethora of sonic seduction from various artist from across the globe. From Lofi Hip Hop, to Vaportrap, to Synthwave, to 80's Funk this compilation has it all! Stream on our Spotify or Listen on our Soundcloud but always remember: Commodification of your Amenities allows for more Luxury Memories.

Download/Stream Commodified Amenities

Side A:
1. Octavo - At Dawn
2. Androx - Anesthesia
3. issa_me rigo - Lunch Time
4. Shaun Mecca - Members Only
5. Parunormal - Meda
B Side
6. Stel Leo - Anime Score
7. Zereph - Its Like Magic
8. Sehn. - Silver Blue
9. Bag of Dragonite - Racer X