Copy of Frequently Asked Questions

We create all of our products ethically, customized, and handmade in dreamy, sunny Los Angeles. The city where dreams come true and your order is imbued with a sense of nostalgia and promise. Once your order is placed, we immediately begin production on your item(s) and you will receive your tracking number via email or messenger as soon as your order is plucked from its perfect time capsule and shipped off. This is where the eternal fun begins. We produce our products on demand after you place your order because:
  • It ensures the most premium quality (h e l i o s won’t settle for less than perfection)
  • It drastically reduces environmental waste (because there’s only one Earth on which this utopia exists)
  • It allows us to support ethical fair wage manufacturing (which means, in plain terms, you can wear Vapor95 gear with the purest heart)

The wait time is a little longer but it's worth it. Why’s that, h e l i o s? Because it's special, handmade, and created just for you. An eternity of cool is worth a couple weeks, isn’t it?

(Our shoes, pins, and windbreakers, however, have their own unique manufacturing process slightly different from above.)


How do you make your clothes?

We create everything by hand (unless otherwise indicated) as soon as you press the order button with your eager finger. (I’m not supposed to tell you this but deep within VaporVault1995, a quiet team of h e l i o s clones flex their marble and get to work on your order faster than you can say “where art thou, vaporgear?” Then, they get...Ah! I’m babbling again.) We use a premium, local, and custom-made blend of Polyester fabrics for our allover print styles, ultra-soft Supima cotton fabric for our graphic styles, and a 100% Kona cotton fabric with Sateen in-lining for our hats. That’s a whole lot of feel-good fabrics. We use state-of-the-art dye sublimation technology on individual panels, which are then hand sewn together into your allover print garment. For our graphic products, we use advanced inkjet direct-to-garment printing on our premium cotton blanks. Our hats are hand sewn from five panels of printed Kona cotton by Misallati Hat Club in LA. What does this mean for you? It means your wardrobe will be a wonderland of quality and aesthetics.


Do you ship orders outside of the US?

Yes, we do! We ship worldwide. From the neon-soaked streets of Japan to idyllic European villages where people still use cassette tapes, we’ll ship your piece of timelessness wherever you are. Aesthetic lovers are denizens of the movement, not citizens bound by lines. Did someone say “world domination”?


How long will delivery take?

You will receive your graphic items within one to three weeks of placing your order domestically. Expect a two to four week delivery time for international orders. Because our allover print products are custom and made to order, they have a two to six week production time frame both domestically and internationally. 1995 was 365 days long. Don’t worry, the moment’s not going anywhere.


What are your shipping rates?

Standard Shipping: $10 (three to five business days shipping after production time)

International Shipping: $26 (two to four weeks shipping after production time)

One time in h e l i o s’ younger years, ten bucks got him into the premiere of Babe but he ate too much popcorn with his extra money and had to leave early. That’ll do, h e l i o s. That’ll do.


I only received part of my order—where is the rest?

We work with three separate manufacturers for our allover print and graphic products, pins, windbreakers, and shoes. We use a fourth for our handmade hats. The items are shipped separately and may not arrive at the same time. That way, each order feels like that Christmas present you steal out from under the tree and open in your playhouse on December 22nd because you know no one will notice. If that doesn’t soothe your worries, relax. Close your eyes. When you open them, (you and) your order will be whole and complete again.


Can I track my order?

That’s like asking if h e l i o s can smell Sbarro pizza wafting through the eternal virtual shopping mall. Of course, he can! Yes, you can track your order. You will receive an email confirmation with your order information and account login once you place your order. You’ll be emailed a tracking number to track your order with the postal service as soon as your order has shipped. Heck, you can even stay awake at all hours of the night and watch the tracking email. You hit refresh. The screen loads. You listen for the delivery man to knock on your door. But, you can only hear the rain on your apartment window. High above the glow of a future city. Lo-fi vaporwave music plays over the scene. You hit refresh again but this time you fall asleep at your keyboard. When you wake up, you’re wearing the Vapor95 gear you bought. This life before Vapor95...was it all a dream?


What is your policy on fees, customs, and lost, stolen, or delayed shipments?

Vapor95 is not responsible for any lost, stolen, delayed packages, or any fees incurred upon international import. You’ll be held responsible for the shipping fees of your purchases and any return fees if you refuse a shipment from Vapor95. h e l i o s won’t be bamboozled, extorted, gobsmacked, shaken down, or taken for a ride. But, I empathize with you. This one time, h e l i o s ordered the very first WalkMan and the rollerblading courier had a primo wipeout on the way through the shopping mall. My WalkMan shattered into a million pieces. Penniless and dejected, I cried out “why didn’t you walk, man?” Get it? Sigh.


What about undeliverable packages?

On very rare occasions, packages are returned to us as undeliverable. Why does this happen, h e l i o s wonders. We will attempt to re-ship orders (with a new, updated, corrected address) that are returned to us as undeliverable. Do your best to give us the most precise address you can. No one likes to feel like Sisyphus, caught in an eternal cycle of delivering the undeliverable. You’ll never escape to a pristine aesthetic era if your package gets infected with undeliverabilititis.


Our Returns and Refunds

Because every item is made to order, we cannot accept returns. Unless we sent you the wrong size, item, or in any way made an error with your order, it’s not possible to get a return or refund. It’s important that you refer to the provided sizing charts to make sure your desired product will fit you correctly. This is every shoppers’ homework from h e l i o s. “But, Professor h e l i o dog ate my homework!” Nonsense, I say. We’ve come this far. Don’t let a daydreaming mistake cost you a fantastic Vapor95 shopping experience. To inquire about a return or exchange for an erroneous order, email us with your order number, reason for your return and any related pictures of your order to


Terms & Agreements

Live those dreams. Scheme those schemes. Got to hit me...Hit me...Hit me with those laser beams!

But, please! Don’t scheme on Vapor95. All graphics, content, and images on and associated web pages/social pages (collectively, our “Services”) are exclusive to Vapor95. The use of any Vapor95 design, content, trademark or logo without explicit written consent is prohibited by law. You’ll surely make h e l i o s cry a single marble tear of anguish and regret. Additionally, legal repercussions will follow any violations of these Terms & Agreements. h e l i o s can neither confirm nor deny if we will also use laser beams in retaliation.


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