Cacti Cutie Crop Top Crop Top T6

Cacti Cutie Crop Top

$ 34.95
Some feel a magnetic pull toward soft, pretty flowers. Others, not so much. There are those among us who identify with the cactus. Firm, unforgiving, prickly, enduring. The inside is filled with the same soft nourishment as any other vegetation. Tough times call for tough exteriors. Your spiny covering makes even more of a Cacti Cutie.
  • 100% original designs crafted exclusively for Vapor95. Every order is handmade specifically for you.
  • To ensure your All Over Print Crop Top maintains its eternally flawless vibrant colors, we use a customized sublimation process that bonds the artwork directly into the fabric.
  • We use a proprietary Polyester blend material that is exceptionally soft and slightly stretchy for a relaxed fit.
  • Your crop top is manufactured in and shipped from Los Angeles.