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Kotoka Body Pillow

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Introducing the very first Vapor95 Body Pillow! Ultra soft, lovable, and always loyal.

Meet Vapor95's very own adorable waifu, Kotoka.

Kotoka dons her maid attire because she worked as one for a wealthy family in the Okayama prefecture, the heart of Western Japan.

She's got well-to-do parents but she left home to experience different cultures. She's 22 and ready to try new things.

Sometime in her travels, she met you.

A connection was made.

Treat her well and don't forget her birthday is November 13th, her favorite food is red bean buns, and her favorite color is ivory. It'll make her happy.

As for the Body Pillow itself, it's ultra soft and the pillow case features a concealed zipper for a streamlined appearance and quick removal for easy washing.