Miami Nights Leggings Legging T6
Miami Nights Leggings Legging T6

Miami Nights Leggings

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Miami Nights in the summer of '95. You'll sleep when you're old. The time between dusk and dawn blends heat and sweat and colors into one amazing memory. Under the hazy neon foliage, the dark cartoonish blue of the evening sky. Time slips by because you are unafraid of the night. You love the stars too much. My, my. You check your watch as that dark blue starts to disappear and the neon loses its brightness. How did it get so early so soon?
  • 100% original designs crafted exclusively for Vapor95. Every order is handmade specifically for you.
  • To ensure your All Over Print Leggings maintain their eternally flawless vibrant colors, we use a customized sublimation process that bonds the artwork directly into the fabric.
  • We use a 88/12 premium anti-microbial and wicking durable Poly-Spandex Lycra blend.
  • Your leggings are manufactured in and shipped from Los Angeles.