Squadron X Swim Trunks

$ 49.95
Vapor95 presents the Squadron X Swim Trunks!
"Squadron X flew down low...
Story about their heroism in the great war
Long after the great war ended.
The skies were empty.
Aesthetics and color and nostalgia and bliss intact.
The squadron flew in formation.
As a reminder.
Truth isn't forever.
Nostalgia isn't free.
Nothing is better than everything.
Between the rusted human cities.
Battling the robot armies."
  • 100% original designs exclusively for Vapor95; every order is hand-crafted specifically for you.
  • Printed using a customized sublimation process to ensure lasting, vibrant colors and quality.
  • Durable Poly-Fleece material is resistant to daily wear while remaining extraordinarily comfortable.
  • No Sweatshops, no mass-production. Entirely owned, made, and shipped out of the USA.

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