V Deco Socks
V Deco Socks

V Deco Socks

$ 19.95

Available in 4 interest-free payments.

My name is V Deco. Some call me V! for short. I'm a lovable computer program widget who found his way onto a design. Shucks! Now, I'm stuck here. At least I'm stuck here with you. What do I do? I'm here to help users with their retro nostalgia interface and aesthetic modulation. If you require my assistance, tap the "V!" on the center of this design to ESC LIFE. I'll sweep you away to a new world. Oh, no! It looks you're running dangerously low on aesthetics! Would you like V!'s assistance?
  • 100% original designs crafted exclusively for Vapor95. Every order is handmade specifically for you.
  • To ensure your All Over Print Socks maintains their eternally flawless vibrant colors, we use a customized sublimation process that bonds the artwork directly into the fabric.
  • Our socks are cushioned for maximum comfort and feature thick ribbing to ensure a secure fit. Created from a 60%/22%/18% blend of Nylon, Cotton, and Spandex.
  • Your socks are manufactured in and shipped from Los Angeles.