Androx - Conscience EP

Conscience EP

By Androx

Get ready for intergalactic space travel! 🌌 We’re very proud to announce the debut Conscience EP from Androx 🔮. His production and songwriting have been taken to the next level since we heard his music in our second compilation Commodified Amenities⚜️✨. Now we get to experience the whole musical journey Androx curated for us! ✨🚀💫  



Conscience EP starts off with " Emotions". Arpeggiated synths catch our attention right away as Androx sonically evolves the song with more elements, making it more and more emotional towards the end.  "Everything starts here, just vibing, get ready for a new journey." - Androx
The second track represents the name of the EP.  Conscience [noun] -  an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behavior. "We haven't seen everything that's out there. We have to appreciate where we are and where we are going." - Androx
M32 is the third (interlude) track on the EP. It's a beautiful experimental ambient composition that gives us a feeling of taking off towards space. "Just as you start to be more comfortable, you begin to fill yourself with a sense of nostalgia and calm, it just started." - Androx
in the fourth track Silent Sky, Androx is bringing beautiful lo-fi Synthwave composition you are alone, the one you would play under the night sky full of stars. "You are alone, but at the same time, you feel connected with everything around you." - Androx
The final track on the Night Light starts with beautiful analog saw synth chords which take us back in time. Another beautiful lo-fi Synthwave composition. "At night, you realize every decision you have made, has led you to find this journey, and before you notice, the journey has ended." - Androx


We've been proud to feature your work in our compilations and now, we have a full EP project from you. Conscience EP carries a variety of moods in each track and listening to it is definitely a journey! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your musical background! How long have you been making music? 
Well, I'm from Mexico and just last week I turned 21. I started producing when I was 15 and studied music production in GMartell, which it's been my home the last 6 years since now I work there. I learned how to write music, sound design and how to put all my emotions and soul inside my music in GMartell. Every song on the EP, its meant to represent a diferent feeling that I had while making it, but I also want to people to identify with each song in their own way. 
Who are your musical idols? Tell us where you draw your musical inspirations from!
I want to define my own style, but I can't deny that my music is heavily influenced by artists like Home, Unfound, K?D, Daft Punk, The Weeknd and Passion Pit, but I also try to listen to a lot of underground artists for new ideas and fresh sounds. 
Please tell us about your music writing/creative process? How often do you collaborate with other artists? Who would you want to work with the most?
I often start doing some chords on Ableton, adding some basses, leads, and drums, and just let the idea Flow and grow how it wants. I try everytime that I start a new idea to try something new, a new method of composition, new sounds, try to manipulate vocals in a new way, etc. I don't often collaborate with other artists, since in Mexico my music is really underground and alternative to the Producer scene. But I would love to collaborate with artists like: Home, Unfound, Neon Vectors, and Macross 82-99. 
How do you see yourself at the highest point of your career? What would be your ultimate dream to accomplish with your work and when do you see that happening?
I see myself still making music, playing shows, and supporting all of my friends who also make music. I want to become sort of a manager for all of my friends, and create a new scene of young musicians and produces. I see it happening in 4-5 Years. 
How often do you perform and where could we see you live? Can you tell us a little about your upcoming shows?
I like to perform in some bars and cultural spaces, right now I dont have a fixed spot where I play, but I plan to do some streamed sets with friends. 
Finally, we would love to ask - What would you say to up and coming artists who want to pursue their passion?
Always try to put a bit of emotion or soul in your music, Always try harder, determination and consistency are the keys. 
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