Ghosts Of Capitalism - An Interview with Ace's Adventures

Ghosts Of Capitalism

An Interview with Ace's Adventures

It's always amazing to meet and talk to people who have very unique and interesting passions. Today we're featuring successful Youtuber Ace's Adventures who explores and documents dead malls. 
Thanks for giving us your time! We're very excited to feature you on our DARKNET blog. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey!  

I am 37 from Upstate NY! I have been a DJ for 22 years, and I play hockey and am in sales. I started my channel in April 2016, after falling in love with Dan Bell's dead malls series and decided to try my hand at it.

Exploring dead malls is something that not many people do! What turned it into a passion for you?

I think it is mainly about preserving history, and a unique look into a time gone by. It is the closest thing you can get to time travel back to a simpler way of life, when we all had less to worry about other than if we had enough quarters to play Mortal Kombat with our pals.

When did you start your adventures and how many malls have you been visited so far?

I started my channel in April of 2016. Hard to believe it is coming up on 4 years already, and I have been to approximately 200 malls in states from Texas to California, to the most hard hit areas of Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Please tell us about the one that stood out the most for you! And why would you say it was special?

I have had lots of unique experiences, but I would say the one that holds the most special place in my heart, would be Northridge Mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was such a pristine untouched example of 80s-90s architecture and design, so many rare storefronts that you will NEVER see again. Also, so many items left behind such as photos, signage, marketing materials, it was almost like 1988 stopped, and left one day.

How far do you think you want to take this passion? What do you think the pinnacle of your journey will be?

This is a hobby, and a passion at the same time, I am dedicated to preserving the past, for future generations to look at, I would like to think 100 years from now when I am gone, a company somewhere may look at my work, and see what we did wrong in the past, like a digital library of days gone by. I would ultimately like to make a movie, a full-length feature, on malls, retail, fashion, and of course include some tasty vaporwave tracks!

Traditionally we ask artists we feature to give a piece of advice and share an opinion about anything with up and coming artists and people who want to pursue their passion!

If I can do it, anyone can do it. I NEVER thought I would get to where I am, from a humble, crappy quality video with 35 views, to over 5 million views, and 31,000 Subscribers. NEVER give up, pursue your passion, and let your work live through music. My audience will tell you the one constant theme in my videos, is my music, being a DJ for almost 20 years, I feel like that was almost an obvious inclusion... 

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