We've been huge fans of your work for a while now! Especially on our record label DARKNET, we've been featuring lots of your work and feedback is always outstanding. Please tell us a little about yourself and your artistic journey!

Thank you so much guys for the support, this means the world to me! I'm Fred, I started 3d art about 1617 days ago, I'm from a small city near Montreal called Magog. I went to Montreal to keep studying and I wanted to study 3D animation but because I dropped out of college, they didn't really accept me in, unless I would finish my basic school. I tried and quit again haha. I started to work in restaurants and totally forgot about 3d art for a while until I had my bike accident. I was never really an artistic person. I think, art, like anything else, is something that you can develop. I decided to just spend all the wake time that I wasn't working in a restaurant learning 3D!

What made you wanna become a 3D artist? How long have you been doing this and who were the people you looked up to when you first started? 

It's hard to say. I've always been interested in live visuals and computer stuff, even tho I'm not really too geek about computers (i don't even know my pc specs). Everything started when I was 17 years old. When my friend Dan Gaud, who was in my hometown Magog (in the eastern township of Quebec) showed me Maya. Dan was already working on big movies. I was so impressed by this, I tried it for a week and found it to be difficult  for me, so I stopped :( haha, but got back into it at when I was around 25 years old. I started again because I had bike injury, where I had two displaced vertebrae and it was so painful, i couldn't do sports anymore for a while (still have my left side numb from time to time) so I got back to it. I saw Filip Hodas, Beeple's and my friend Joye (raw and rendered) work and I was so impressed, it didn't take time for me to say - this is it, this is what I wanna do!

Your work is very ethereal and otherworldly.. Tell us about where you get your inspirations from?
I take my inspiration mostly from nature nowadays. I like to think about places I'd like to see. Also, I use my emotions a lot as an inspiration. I lived with my major anxiety for the past 15 years, so I like to create something that shows calmness after the storm.
Tell us about your process - how do you manage to make your ideas come to life and how close they are to your initial inspirations? 

I don't really have an artistic process, to be honest. Most of the time I have no clue what is gonna come out and be the final result. I don't like coming up with concepts and themes. I feel like it destroys my creative pool. I think, for me, daily routines like exercise, meditation, journaling gets me inspired! 

How often do you collaborate with other artists, production companies etc.? Tell us your favorite projects that you've worked on so far! 

Pretty much everyday haha!. I'm very grateful that for the past 4 years I never really had to look up for work, I've always been super busy with client work and collaborations. There's sooo many projects that I'm the really proud of,  little visualizer I did for Lil Nas X, I did a collab with Hypebeast and Dior last year which was very fun to do! also, that work with harpers bazaar china was very dope too, there's too many projects!

Do you listen to music while working? If yes, please tell us about what do you usually listen to! How do you see it affecting your final product?

I'm always listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks while working. But yeah, mostly music. I normally listen to my friend The Holy's work. This gets me so much in the mood to work. And yes, of course, it affects my final product! I think the music I listen to is correlated with my mood.

Where do you see yourself at the pinnacle of your career? What would be your ultimate dream come true involving your artwork?

To be honest, I'm pretty happy where I am right now, I wanna do more exhibitions and more physical installations. I'm opening my studio in Montreal next summer and we already have a big line up of clients ahead of us, so this is gonna be very exciting! 

What would you tell to passionate up and coming artists who want to pursue their art?

be patient and be original, It's important to get inspired, but I feel like nowadays, especially in the 3D art niche, people wanna go easy and are fine with stealing concepts and just mimicking others' work. For me, I think it's flattering but sometimes it also makes me feel weird when the line is crossed too much and works have the exact same concepts, colors, lighting, etc. So yeah, be original :)

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