We're super excited to feature you on our blog, Darknet, and share who you are to our readers. Can you tell them a little bit about yourself, both as an employee and music producer?

Hi! I'm Lasha from Brooklyn, originally from Republic of Georgia. Art and creativity have always been the driving forces in my life, so I let them guide my life. That's how I ended up becoming a music producer and employee for Vapor95 and DARKNET Recordings.

I moved to the states from Georgia in 2015 with the plan that I'd make music and art for living, although I was always driven towards the culture here and always wanted to be surrounded by like-minded people from all around the world. I thought New York would be the perfect place for that.

When did you start your music journey? Can you tell us more about the process of becoming a musician?

My first contact with music started in early childhood when I was probably three or four years old. My main musical sources were my mom and dad, separately showing me their favorite music. Growing up, I remember I'd dive deeper into those artists or their albums to find more and explore that world myself. Music was always a very vivid and clear imaginary world for me where I'd always want to hang out.

Despite my strong love of music and dance, I never thought of becoming a musician. I always had music in my head, always improvising, singing different voices over my favorite songs, etc. but being in a studio, surrounded by instruments, guitars, keys was always so far from how I saw myself. Computer and music-making software completely changed that for me. It was a quick and fun way to explore a completely free-form world of music, sounds, creativity and I got hooked right away. I started to take it seriously when I was 15 and making music, experimenting and exploring my artistry and creativity has been as much fun as when I was just starting out.

How did you start working for Vapor95?

I was backstage at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, just hanging out with friends and artists. At one point, I was standing next to this cool and uniquely styled guy and next thing I remember, our mutual friend came up to us and said "you guys are gonna be best friends" and here we are today. Best friends, me and River (CEO of Vapor95). We got into crazy hyper-dimensional conversations about everything, including music of course.

It was so impressive for me how welcome, kind, and motivating he was to me. My life really changed after becoming friends with him. After a couple of hangouts, he asked me if I would help him with his music EP. I was instantly down to help out. I was working at a restaurant at that time, so couldn't dedicate as much time as I would have liked to. So, he offered me a job at Vapor95. Started as his assistant, helping out with everything, and then we directed my skills towards launching DARKNET Recordings, expanding it as a Vapor95 Media Platform!

What do you do at Vapor95? How do you juggle your music career and Vapor95 work?

I'm mainly an A&R and manager for DARKNET Recordings but I do small back-end tasks for Vapor95 as well. With DARKNET, I make sure the label is running smoothly. I reach out to artists about their music and needs, distribute their music to platforms, curate playlists, make mixes, and work on the creative direction of everything.

Could you tell us a little more about what you're working on? Vapor95 and music stuff.

At the moment at Vapor95, we have a couple EPs in the early stages of shaping up. About my music, I just got signed where one of my biggest inspirations is signed as well and we're planning each step carefully.

I have a track coming out on a compilation of one of the biggest names in bass music which is kinda crazy. He was the very first guy I heard Dubstep from. I'm so excited to start releasing all original music with the label starting in September or October!

Where do you draw your inspirations from? Can you guide us through the process of making a track, from start to finish?

I feel like everything is becoming more and more inspirational to me, starting from music to life experiences, feelings, memories, sometimes pre-passing out moments too. Dreams, too. Making a track is such a trip! I realize when I'm in composition mode, I almost don't remember making them after. I completely zone out and get lost in the crazy alchemy process.

I sometimes start with drums, grooves, or simply sound designing and melodies. It's always different depending on the mood. Sometimes it's just a quick idea and will turn into a song after weeks, days, or even years. Sometimes the idea is so strong, you just stick with it and finish it in a couple days. When the flow is there, everything becomes so easy.

What's your goal with music? Where do you see yourself in five years?

My goal with music is to be able to travel around the world, play music, get to know people, and gain all the crazy experiences with them.

There's something so crazy and magical about sharing music with the people as one collective consciousness, so I want to do that with shows and high energy performances around the world. I really want to be doing that in the next five years. I don't know when/if I'll ever be tired of it. I definitely wanna try myself in clothing design, movie/games scoring, and hi-tech visual art! These are my dreams.

If you weren't a musician, what would you do for a living?

I'd still make music.

But for a fair answer, I'd maybe be a dancer or a visual artist! Or maybe, I'd do curling at the winter Olympics.

What is your absolute favorite music to put on and work to?

Liquid Drum & Bass, Lo-Fi hip hop, Vaportrap, old school UK Garage.

If you were to make a playlist for an end of summer party what would be on it?

"Love Me More" by Chase & Status

You’ve made huge strides in your music career over the past few years, what advice do you have for someone who is trying to break into the industry?

I've come to realize that the more you think of "making it", the more it holds you back. You always have to be loud about what you create. I think the art that isn't shared, doesn't really exist. But what I mean is, don't wait for anyone's approval, whether that's the labels, channels, whatever. Keep making music/art for the sake of fun and creativity.

Have fun with all the aspects of releasing it and sharing it with people. Do it in your own way, in your own style. Always keep improving it. Always keep learning. When it's the right time, the right people will show up to genuinely help you take your vision to the next level.

What is the origin story of the name Nitepunk?

It just kinda flew to me itself. I was always an explorer rebel kid so the word "punk" and the attitude of it always spoke to me deeply. I could relate how I felt most of the time.

When I moved to the States, I wanted to start all over again with a new name and story. I wanted to make it something that could relate to my high energy self as well as a peaceful character of mine. My mind feels peaceful and most creative at night. I merged those two things into Nitepunk.

You recently released an EP, Red Turbulence, tell us a little bit about how this process was for you compared to the other music you’ve put together. What inspired you?

Red Turbulence tracks were supposed to be singles at first. But after Never Say Die Records reached out, I decided to go with the full EP and put all these out. I knew I had to go extra hard with the wrapping up of the EP. It was definitely the first big release for Nitepunk music.

I worked with super talented and creative visual artists for the teaser (credits in the video) but mainly with @iamgogokhia & @cbu3D. We spent all day working on the assets and visuals for about two months! One of my favorite memories ever!

Watch the teaser for Red Turbulence EP here!

Lastly, any upcoming shows (digital or otherwise) / projects we can direct people to check out?

Unfortunately, no upcoming shows at the moment. But, my music is on the way and I hope the Vapor95 community likes it too. The next couple months are very exciting for me! Can't wait!


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