Vinne Art

We’re so happy to feature you on our blog Darknet as one of our most talented artists and collaborators! Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m 19 years old, born in the country part of Brazil and I’ve been trying to explore the art to express the vision of my world, also I love raccoons and fashion.

What made you decide you wanted to dedicate yourself to your visual art? When did you start?

Totally random, I was trying to make music and then I started to drawing random stuff and really liked the results. After this, my passion started to grow enough that I'd spend all my days working on artworks.

We see lots of Japanese/Anime influence in your art! Tell us where you draw inspiration from? What are your favorite animes or mangas and why?

My favorite pieces are almost everything from the cyberpunk world like Akira, Blame!, Ghost in the Shell, Gunbuster, etc. My favorite one tho is Gunnm: Battle Angel (Alita). I also have so much love for the 80/90's style “retro” and “tropical” aesthetics. I also like movies like The Terminator, Blade Runner, Scarface and so on.

What was the deciding factor that made your art your full-time job? Tell us a little about your career highlights so far.

After some time, I started my own store where I selling my work. Also making collaborations with some brands, this includes the Vapor95. This is my first year working and I’m really proud of the results!

Are you self taught? How did you refine and develop your signature style?

I really just tried to make something different and stable at the same time by using elements that I like and mixing with popular elements that I think will attract people from everywhere! also, shout out to my community that is really solid and has never abandoned me!

What kind of equipment do you use when you create? Do you have an idea environment for making your pieces like a certain kind of music or space?

Equipment doesn't matter that much, but I prefer to work alone in my bedroom with a Cintiq 24 HD listening to chill music, playboi carti and sometimes Riddim Dubstep.

Where do you see yourself at the pinnacle of your career? What would be your ultimate dream come true involving your artwork?

I think it’s cliché but my dream is to be recognized by all my inspirations. It’s a hard job but maybe one day... Just keep working and learning, you can be an inspiration for a lot of people.

Vinne Art X Vapor95 - Sailor Saturn

How often do you collaborate with other artists? Who would be your dream collaboration?

Hard question. I don’t think a lot about this, I actually want to see if one of my inspirations want to collaborate with me first haha (so shy)

What would you tell to passionate up and coming artists who want to pursue their art?

Look, I’m not trying my best, and that’s why I am still improving. Never say “I tried my best”, just keep chasing for better results and never get stuck in something, keep improving yourself.

Vinne Art x Vapor95 - Cybervision


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