Vaporwave Album

Vapor95 is extremely proud to present its first compilation album, DREADSOFT. This flagship release is the first in a series of compilation albums that showcases undiscovered and underground Vaporwave artists. DREADSOFT is nine tracks, all from various artists, but coherent in their vibe and delivery. From nostalgic to contemplative to outright groovy, Vapor95 is honored to present this free download.

Track 1:

“Blue Render” by Reality#Design is chilling but light, slowed down but going places. Washed-out, stretched-out deep vocals, stiff drums, and waiting room synths abound on this track. Its plodding pace will have you feeling like you’re in a lobby bar high above the city. It’s the perfect music for a slow-motion beach scene.

Track 2:

“Cafe” by Trashwang is set to the backdrop ambiance of a restaurant. You can taste the freshness in this track. Like water droplets dripping on the wistful soundscape, the song evolves with the help of beautiful and elemental chimes. Like bamboo or water, this song is delicate and strong at the same time.

Track 3:

“Dream” by 8th Otaku is notable for its phasey, arpeggiated wave and trap beat. An 8-bit melody accompanies some serious bass-boosting sounds. It’s something you’d play while you demolish your best friends on a retro gaming console. It’s lo-fi with a victory lap.

Track 4:

“Make Circles” by Croatia is more than just a lyrical ballad. With an iconic, classic retro drumbeat and sultry, timeless vocals, it whisks you away to a dreamland. Wah, wah, wah, it echoes. A distant guitar wails in the back of this track, giving it that luxuriating vibe. Make love, cruise the coast in your drop top, or sing it to your lover. The song fades out just as dreamily as it starts. What they say about the end being closest to the beginning sure is true, isn’t it?

Track 5:

“Mista Lo-Ki” by Dirty Kicks (Produced by ChrisRebellion) is a darker, aggressive trap track that serves as a testament to the versatility of the album. It’s got Dirty Kick’s edgy rap over a hauntingly simple 4-tone melody. You’ll be repeating the chorus to yourself for days. “Mista Loki, Mista Loki, whatchu got for me, homie? Mista Loki, Mista Loki, whatchu got for me shorty?”

Track 6:

“Octavo” by Plastic Love is a song so uplifting it might as well be your sitcom theme. It’s pure Japanese funk with a swinging bass line, hand drums, and lyrics to whisk you away to the land of the rising sun circa 1989. With lyrics this exotic, ditch the translation and give it your own meaning. Imagine you’re riding a bike in Japan and it starts raining. But hey, someone throws you a Coca-Cola and you shout “Arigato!” and someone else smiles and hands you a beautiful bamboo umbrella. Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

Track 7:

“omega99” by New Colors is h e l i o s’ unofficial favorite. It’s an encapsulating soundscape, one that tastes of discovery and deep inner exploration (which are h e l i o s’ unofficial hobbies, oddly enough). Just as the band name hints, it feels like you’re discovering new colors when you hear this song for the first time. Flurple, Razzmatazz, Life Is Meaningless Yellow. It’s contemplative but has a nice drum and groove that speeds things up. Eventually, you’ll forget what it was that ever troubled you.

Track 8:

We all get dark and broody sometimes. This album is no different. “Penanggalan” by Harvey Floorbanger is this album’s woke-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed-moment. With a maniacal laughing scream and a dark bass bleeding into the silent spaces, it’s got more edge than a tetrahedron. It’s the perfect getaway song, a fight-or-flight song, or thinking late at night song. From chaos comes order, though, as the song gives you a vague sense of hope as it progresses. A hope so comforting, it’s as if you’re about to actually pull off the crime of the century.

Track 9:

“We Were Only Kids Just Yesterday” by issa_me rigo is a playful lullaby to end the album. Accompanied by ambient rain noise, it sounds like something that would play out of an antique wind-up doll. An idyllic way to say goodnight to a long day. A tear-jerking recording of kids at recess concludes the track. It’ll take you back to a happier time.

At times, dark. At times, painfully optimistic. It’s like listening to the palette of human emotions. A range of music embodying a variety of past years as seen through the lens of 2018.



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