Vapor95 2019 Year In Review


Was it amazing? Was it difficult? Are you happy it's over?

We're sad to see it go but excited for 2020.

Last year, we had the beautiful opportunity to meet so many vaporwave and aesthetic friends, create some awesome products, and keep doing what we love every day.

Here's a little dreamy recap of what happened during this crazy year:

Released new music through the blossoming DARKNET Recordings label...delicious mixes and our very own compilation albums. Gave away a cool retro Nintendo Game Boy to a fan. Released dozens of designs in collaboration with illustrious artists like Chronos & Vermillion (Macintosh Plus!), Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and our special Vapor95 Creators such as Nemupan, Mizucat, Caleb Finn, and even a Fan Design Contest winner.

Put our favorite music onto a brand new Vapor95 Spotify playlist. Started the ask h e l i o s letters, whereby fans of the aesthetic can send the iconic marble statue questions and get featured in a monthly newsletter. Released Bomber Jackets for that tough, winter emptiness. Hosted an incredible Pop Up Event in Los Angeles where we met the best people in the world (hint: it was you!). Designed a tee shirt fit for women who want more comfortable yet aesthetic wear. Got a special shout-out from Snake, Metal Gear Solid's hero. Hosted another Pop Up Event and met even more amazing people. Started a revolution with the new Vapor95 Discord Server, the coolest place to be online to live in the nostalgia.

Vended at the premier vaporwave music festival, ElectroniCON, in Brooklyn and had a blast. Launched a book about video games. Created and launched the Vapor95 mobile app so it's even easier to shop. Gave away a retro Nintendo 64 and Goldeneye to a Vapor95 fan. Designed new pins. Went to another ElectroniCON, met so many unforgettable people, and heard the best music out there. Even h e l i o s made an appearance. Collaborated on the creation of some very cool retro Game Boys available in the Vapor95 store. Launched the first ever vaporwave Pastel Dream Slip On.

What are your resolutions for 2020?