On November 12, Darknet Recordings together with Vapor95 released FALSE MEMORY // LOST TIME. An 11 track compilation album showcasing the best in underground Vaporwave inspired production. FALSE MEMORY // LOST TIME featured purist Vaporwave, driving Synthwave and moody Lo-Fi tracks. Lose time and create some false fantasy memories with this latest beautifully curated album.

A E S T H E T I C M E E T ダリウススプルイエル- 美的出会い by Darius Spruiell is the unofficial shopping mall anthem of this album for h e l i o s. The saxophone sounds like it's coming from just beyond my sight. But, hold on to your preconceptions. This track morphs right when you're about to max out your bliss.


V A P O R W A F F L E by Masikus makes us feel like we're watching a chill commercial for a 1995 condo complex. It's got all the vibes you ever wanted in an upbeat, vaporwave track. Play this track when you're giving a tour of your apartment to someone you like.


Biteki by Death is ambient and tender. It reminds me of a song you listen to when exploring a zen garden in a city somewhere. It's very dynamic and the arrangement is top notch. It takes you on an exciting journey into a newly fused genre.

 by Cruzie is brooding and funky. It's so different from the rest of the album which makes it such a joy to hear in the album's last few breaths. Prepare yourself for a sultry shift around the two-minute mark when something Sade would sing overcomes bursting through out of nowhere.

Dreams Aren't Real by Tribe Down South is atmospheric LoFi hip-hop at its finest. It's short but smooth. You'll want to play this one over and over again for maximum smoothness.

Lost Forests
 by MidiEvil tickles your curiosities and makes you question your idea of what a genre is. There's a heavy bass. There are delicate synths. There's a dope movie quote. It's the kinda song you play when you're lost in the concrete forest of a city.

One Day I'll Forget About This
 by Hollywood Real Thoughts is the delicate, introspective, and emotional track of the album. The name of the song really does capture where it takes you. We all go through stuff that hurts. It always passes. This song reminds us of that.

53XGODESS by Nick Neutronz is a haunting bassy track with killer vocals and the percussion you love in this trap era. It's dark. It's deep. It's sexy. Your speakers will come alive.

Space Drive by Velocity Zero is an epic synth ride into darkness. It drives and pumps like all good synthwave does. It's chase music. It's come-with-me-if-you-wanna-live music. It's running-from-your-nightmare music. Are you scared now?

 by Driver405 And Coleurs is a synthwave anthem that balances epic with tender. It's halfway between a ballad and a chase song. The song evolves into a pretty hard-driving track. What are you hunting?

Final Message
 by Re Dux fades in ominously. A distorted pluck, pad, and vocal lull you into a dark retrospection. The song's disjointed vibe relents to a more peaceful moment and then its back to the driving sound. It's rough-around-the-edges vaporwave goodness.

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