February Vaporwave Playlist


Hello, wavy friends! As we make our way through February, the month of passion and romantic sorrow, Vaporwave music continues to fill our hearts with tender n o s t a l g i a. We’re excited to present to you 10 hand-selected albums sure to either soothe or exacerbate your delicate emotional state.

10) VHS Dreams - Lost World

VHS Dreams is an artist from the UK with interesting and innovative ideas. Though he sticks mostly to Synthwave, he has a unique execution that trancends genres. The music immerses you in a parallel retro universe, where Outrun, Synthpop, Vaporwave and Synthwave mix to form lo-fi vibes with an undoubtedly aesthetic atmosphere. It is a masterpiece that can transport you to other galaxies and dimensions.

9) Sonnig 991 - MALLSOFT ODYSSEY
'MALLSOFT ODYSSEY' was released by Business Casual Records in the beginning of 2017. The dreamy vibes of the album made it an instant classic. When it comes to Vaporwave music, this album has definitely made its mark in the music community. It has a unique psychedelic rock feel to it, which combines with the smooth mallsoft for a jazzy, romantic feel. 

8) Sad Chasey - ホログラフィック Holographic

The Australian artist Sad Chasey continues to get better and better and this album is solid proof. The velvety soft tracks make for a fantastic retro, easy-listening auditory experience. The sound design of these songs is phenomenal. Even better, the album can be found on tapes - gold or silver, with 10 variation of OBI strips.
7) Daniel Saylor - Spring Rain
Staying true to its name, this album truly does feel and sound like a rain shower in spring. Saylor included pop samples, jazz instrumentation and references to hardvapour. It is a perfect blend of glitchy programming and acid house, hardcore techno. You can also pick up the 12" transparent red vinyl of the album.


6) Elite Geographic - Elite Geographic II

This particular album was released by the label Elemental 95 in the summer of 2017. The concept of the artist is geographic-sounding synth and vaporwave, and he nails it to perfection. The blend of the two styles is executed perfectly and is something you might hear in the background of a hyper-enlightened futuristic shopping mall.
5) Runners Club 95 - Panama Papers

"Panama Papers", is Vaporwave in its purest form. Created entirely by original compositions, this album is a strong addition to the genre. The album marks the debut of the Swedish duo Runners Club 95 and was released by the UK label Pool House Ltd. It’s a Vaporwave album that stays true to the genre while maintaining a unique sound of its own.


4) ZONΞ ΞATΞR/§E▲ ▓F D▓G§ - ZONΞ ΞATΞR vs. §E▲ ▓F D▓G§

ZONΞ ΞATΞR is a project, created by Nmesh in collaboration with §E▲ ▓F D▓G§. This massive album consists of a blend of Vaporwave and black metal mixed together to form perfectly composed songs. It’s definitely an interesting and unique concept, and maintains the authentic psychedelic sounds found in most of Nmesh works, blended with grindcore, hardcore and some glitch sounds.


3) Windows彡96 - Reflections

Windows彡96 (or White Gavri'el) is a Brazilian synthwave and Vaporwave producer who created the masterpiece “Reflections". It is an album that creates a nostalgic mood with every track. There is wide variation of sounds, including trumpets and vocals (by Neko GF). This EP is one audible ambrosia that can't be missed.


2) HKE - Dragon Soul

Once again, HKE succeeds at being unique and inspirational in the Vaporwave genre. As a part of the very successful duo 2814, HKE proved his musical prowess to the world. This album is executed beautifully and creates familiar, nostalgic mental landscapes."Dragon Soul" is a must-have for every vaporwave enthusiast and definitely belongs to the hardvapour cannon.


1) 猫 シ Corp. - Luxury Girls

This album creates an atmosphere that is undeniably '80s while still maintaining modern influences. "Luxury Girls" has amazing mallsoft sounds, slowly blending into retro electronic style. It takes you back to a glamourous time of pure pleasure and heightened vanity. It is a monumental addition to any Vaporwave fan's collection.