Five 90s Fonts you can Download for FREE!

The 90s was the decade of the home computer and desktop publishing. Amature wordsmiths and professional designers alike were getting their hands increasingly dirty, writing and manipulating digital texts from the comfort of a Personal Computer. To meet the needs of this ever-broadening population of desktop publishers new fonts had to be drawn, FAST! 

Here are five of the juiciest desktop fonts from the 90s.  

The links below are up to date as of 8/27/19. If they are broken give the font name a google, I bet you can still find them. 

Faithful Fly 

Drawn by: David Sagorski (1994)

Here we see the erratic path of the fly in the jazzy stroke of the thin letterforms. And check out the little halos! V holy. 



Drawn by: Daryl Roske (1994)

The aesthetic of 90s phobia was defined by the harsh, scratching, uncomfortable contortions that recall the bristle of a tarantula's hairy arm. Eek! 




Drawn by: Judith Sutcliffe  (1993)

awwwwwwwwwwwww…..!! Cats have eternally been of the utmost importance to all networked computer culture. Here is some adorable evidence of that fact. 



Drawn by: Stephen Farrell (1993) 

A deconstructed blackletter font—the story, in type, of the ancient scribe’s entropicizing slog into the digital age. Perfect for use in weightless tomes of deep spiritual journeying.


Mo Funky Fresh STD  

Draw by: David Sagorski (1993)

The swirly and furry nature of this classic font assert that an authentic experience of a groovy lyfestyle is one that is both highly tactile and full of easy motion. Much like walking down the street with your arm around your sweetie, sharing headphones.




This has been a quick pu pu platter of some excellent (early) 90s font treats brought to you by Ben Van Buren of Yonkers International Press. Wishing you great success with all your electronic publishing gymnastics. Have fun! 

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