Fjun - Battery Life EP

Fjun - Battery Life

Where can you find such positive pleasure? Right here, of course. Introducing the newest EP from Fjun, Battery Life proudly brought to you by DARKNET Recordings.

We are very proud to announce our first official EP release on DARKNET Recordings. This EP is guaranteed to make your soul all warm and toasty. Whatever genre that comes to mind, Fjun's Battery Life represents the best in class and craftsmanship.

Chromosomes starts off as a classic Lo-Fi track and blossoms uniquely with the help of its vocals. The track is a funky start with an array of noises, plucks, strums, percussions, stabs, and drums that keep you guessing long after a few listens. 


Surface is dizzying in its movement and progression. You'll find yourself frustrated by this song. Why? Because it's like watching someone channel surf past the most amazing shows you've ever seen. Each section of the song could be its own track. Wait, go back! No, nevermind. This is good too. But, wait. What's this now? It's one song with five personalities. You'll hit repeat on all of them.

Good Night Winter cools you off with a gorgeous guitar melody laced with the sweetest vocals heard on the EP. There are touches of sounds that'll make you wonder "how do they make that noise?!" There's a subtle hint of violin that makes the heart flutter. But much like life, the sweetness gives way to a funky and chaotic groove.


Go Astray is sensual from the first guitar note. Is it sexual? Is it romantic? Is it cute? Is it dripping with lust? Depends how you use it. FJUN's iconic vocal style captivates you with some deep lyrics on this track. The power of Go Astray sneaks in at the end when a harder-hitting finale punches you with a riff to make you feel victorious today.



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