Astral Projection: Easier Than You Think

Astral Projection: A Quick Vapor95 How To

Easier Thank You Think

The desire to explore the “limits” of our consciousness is a natural one and Astral Projection is one of many ways to do so. We currently live in a time that is physically, spiritually, and scientifically revolutionary. Much of what ancient mystics once commonly practiced, which modern scientists at one point dismissed as bunk, immaterialist pseudoscience, is being proven as fact by discoveries in unified physics.

If you haven’t forayed into meditation or another method of exploring consciousness so far, you’re probably extremely skeptical right about now. Even if you have been meditating regularly, the idea of a consciousness that possibly expands beyond the limits of your five senses and body might seem a little unrealistic.

So, how about you don’t take my word for it? Let’s explore a few statements made by minds far greater than my own.

Nassim Haramein can be argued to be the current world leader of unified physics and has been working at the bleeding edge of this field for 30 years now. Recently Dr. Haramein has described a “zero point field”, through which the universe has constructed a forward feeding loop of information, which allows the universe to self-observe.

He quite literally describes this as the universe observing itself, observing itself and in doing so it is becoming more organized and wiser. This closely mirrors one philosophical definition of consciousness which is the ability to know you exist. Effectively, one can argue that universal consciousness is one, the “separation” we experience is merely the result of individualized points in this universal consciousness feeding information into this loop.

You can hear him describe this in far better detail here in this interview with Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley University.

From this standpoint, does astral projection seem so far-fetched?

Probably, but at least it’s somewhat less so.

Now that we’ve done the necessary work of dispelling some level of the skepticism that comes with a healthy mind, let’s jump into how you can actually explore Astral Projection on your own.

Step 1. Setting Your Intentions/Imagining the Ideal outcome

It may seem like a silly place to start. After all, if you’ve continued reading to this point the chances are that you do in fact want to experience Astral Projection. Still, it’s a healthy practice to imagine yourself having achieved this goal and what you’ll feel like having done so.

Do you have a friend you’re exploring this with? Maybe someone in your family claims they have had an out of body experience and would be excited to hear about yours. Take a few seconds to get into a calm state. Neville Goddard (one of the world’s foremost spiritual teachers of the 20th century) would describe this state as one akin to sleep.

Sit in a comfortable chair or lie down and allow your body to relax. If it helps, count backwards from 100 as you do so, taking slow deep breaths and growing increasingly relaxed as you do so. Once you feel totally relaxed, imagine your ideal outcome. See in first person that conversation where you describe your experience to a friend. Maybe you simply see yourself “waking up” or returning from your Astral Projection and to no one in particular, you exclaim about how amazing it was.

Whatever you choose, ensure it feels natural to you and once it does, step one is complete.

Step 2. Becoming Aware of Spiritual Sensation

Regardless of which source material you choose to start exploring Astral Projection, you’re highly likely to come across the concept of the astral, dream, energy, light or subtle body. Various spiritual schools describe the astral body in similar but slightly differing ways. Even Christianity alludes to Astral Projection in Corinthians 12:1-4

“I know a man who was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in or out of body, I do not know.”

The concept is not as far off as you might be thinking. To illustrate, we can take some inspiration from Neville Goddard once more.

Tennis ball.

No, that’s not a typo.

Chances are, that right now you’re imagining a tennis ball in some way. Maybe it’s just by sight, which is a fine first step. Now imagine holding the ball, feel how soft and fuzzy the surface of it is. Maybe its an old ball so it’s a bit frayed or flat.

Now, change that ball into a rose or a slice of bread. Feel the difference?

What about a $20 bill? Feel the difference?

If you can discriminate between all these objects, then they must exist somewhere. What you’re currently doing is exercising your ability to detect spiritual sensation. There is an infinite reality that exists within us or that we are inextricably connected to...whichever floats your boat. However you’d like to describe the nature of that reality, the “body” we use to explore that reality through sensation is our astral body.

And now you’re starting to become familiar with yours. In order to have your first intentional Astral Projection or out of body experience, it’s a good idea to become familiar with this process. Be sure to practice a few seconds at a time each day, be sure you imagine good or pleasant things when doing so.

Step 3. Deepen Your Meditative State

Remember the state akin to sleep we discussed earlier? To achieve Astral Projection, we’ll be returning to that state and going as deep as possible without falling completely asleep. To do this, you can employ the use of white noise, trusted hypnotic guides or recordings, or repeat the deep breathing we described earlier from 100 to 0.

From here, your objective is to disassociate your astral body from your physical one. Don’t worry, this is a process that happens naturally or when you unintentionally have out of body experiences anyway. It’s what we’re built for so you have no reason to be worried.

The “Lifting Out” Method by Bob Monroe

As you begin to drift deeper into relaxation, you’ll naturally begin to become aware of a floating sensation, which will be accompanied by a pleasant vibration. Start focusing on the vibration and feel it reverberating through your limbs, you’ll likely feel a pleasant warmth along with it.

As you home in on this vibration, use it to “jiggle” your astral body and cause a separation between it and your physical body. As this separation widens, focus on “lifting” your astral limbs from your physical limbs one at a time, eventually, you’ll achieve a full separation and be on your journey to wherever you want.

The “Rolling” Method

Similar to the "Lifting Out" Method, as you drift into deeper consciousness, you’ll notice a vibration that you’ll want to fill yourself deeply with. As you do, slowly begin to “twist” your astral body without physically moving.

As you make your first full circle, you’ll feel a little strange, especially as your eyes may feel the need to follow your turning. If you’re struggling with this issue, simply return to deep breathing and try again once you feel completely relaxed.

Eventually, you’ll achieve a similar separation to the "Lifting Out" Method and be on your way!

The “Rope” Method

Once you’ve again achieved a state akin to sleep and are pulsing with vibrational energy, imagine a rope hanging directly above you. Lift one arm of your astral body away from your physical body and grab on to the rope.

Once you feel like you have a secure grip, lift the other arm and slowly pull yourself arm over arm until you are entirely detached from your physical body.

What Next?

Well, this part is entirely up to you.

You’ve now learned how to detach from your physical body intentionally. You are now free to explore as you see fit, try moving through different rooms of your house for starters, eventually you can be in entirely different countries or continents.

There is no limit.

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