Indvstry's "Nowhere Fast" EP

Nowhere Fast EP
By Indvstry

We're so proud to feature Indvstry with his debut "Nowhere Fast" EP on DARKNET Recordings! Looking at his recent bass music releases, it was unexpected to see Indvstry dive into the sea of mellow harmonies, which carry a lot of emotions and truly tell a story with each note. 🌊🌅✨ 


"There are moments I have with music that I revere. They are the driving force behind my passion to make music. I have moments where I understand the message, and I dip into the flow and get to experience something new. These beautiful experiences come with equally low moments. I pressure myself a lot - often not satisfied with my work. It's disheartening sometimes, but I get through it. Nowhere Fast is a culmination of moments where I made something that got me through it."

- Indvstry


The EP opens up with Sweet Nothing. The track is mainly about the awareness of the significance of every little thing. Its arpeggiated bass line and synth work brings an uplifting mood right away. It has a very interesting mix of Synthwave and Vaporwave characteristics, especially coming from someone like Indvstry

The second one is the title track Nowhere Fast on the EP! For Indvstry it represents being deeply present in the now relieved by the feeling of having nowhere to be. Beautiful arpeggiated plucks in the intro bring all the Vaporwave vibes but this is where he showcases his bass music skills. His drum and sub bass work is beautiful along with huge pads and synths followed by a beautiful nature ambiance!

The next track on Nowhere Fast EP is Lazy Sunday. For Indvstry, the record is mainly about taking full advantage of your free time for minimal activity, and coffee. He once again crosses genres between Lo-Fi Hip-Hop and Vaportrap and he executes this perfectly. The track really expresses the playful mood that we find ourselves embodying on any given lazy Sunday.

Finally, we hear Time Goes On. The meaning behind this one is understanding the gravity of knowing everything will still be here when we are gone. Syncopated hi-hats, a two note bass line with melodies on top create a very cinematic feel and definitely sends us on an adventure, high above the seas we visible on the beautiful artwork done by Indvstry himself!



Tell us a little bit about yourself and your musical background! How long have you been making music?

I am 28, and I am based in Indianapolis. The first time I made something in a DAW was in 2011 on my way back home from spring break with some of my friends. We were in the car showing each other all the new dubstep we had been listening to. Will played drums in a band so I asked him, how the hell do you make music like this? Kainon had brought his laptop, and he handed it to me with Linux Multimedia Studio pulled up on it. "Here - that’s how." I spent nine hours glued to the computer with headphones on. I plugged in the aux at the end of the drive and the most heinous sine wave started to wobble from the speakers. I couldnt believe it, and I was hooked. I had no musical knowledge prior so that was day one of my journey.

Who are your musical idols? Tell us where you draw your musical inspirations from!

Artists like Skrillex, Kill the Noise, Noisia, Spor/Feed Me, deadmau5, Flux Paviallion - these were the artists that got me into electronic music and inspired my own pursuit to begin to learn. Lately, I have inspired by work from Nitepunk, Peekaboo, Kupla, Gesaffelstein, Eliminate, JOYRYDE, Eastghost, Dragnar, Mux Mool, G Jones, Sully, LAKEY INSPIRED. I draw inspiration from a variety of music and that gets reflected in the variety of things I make. Please tell us about your music writing/creative process? How often do you collaborate with other artists? Who would you want to work with the most? My creative process changes with every idea I work on. I go into it without thinking and let things happen at will. I have some collaborations started with artists here in Indy but I want to collaborate more often. I don’t have a full collaboration released so that’s something I would love to do.

A dream collaboration would be with Nitepunk.

How do you see yourself at the highest point of your career? What would be your ultimate dream to accomplish with your work and when do you see that happening?

I see myself doing the same thing I do today, working really hard doing the things I love. My ultimate dream is to have all my time to devote to making music and digital art.

How often do you perform and where could we see you live? Can you tell us a little about your upcoming shows?

I perform mostly in the Indianapolis area, Wubsday at the Patron Saint and Altered Thursday's at the Moustrap. I have a Wubsday coming up soon I will post the date when that is figured out. I play Big Foot Electro in 2021 and that will be my first festival on the lineup so I am really excited for that :D

Finally, we would love to ask - What would you say to up and coming artists who want to pursue their passion?

I am also in pursuit and I tell myself the same thing all the time. Keep going.

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