Hello, wavey friends! With the rising temperatures comes the ultimate search for the best summer jams. Vaporwave artists are really stepping up at delivering, and we've compiled the perfect nostalgic soundtrack. Transporting you back to those long and hot 1980s summers. As always, we have done the digging for you, so enjoy this intoxicating July playlist.

10) Metapriseapplication – Gala

Presenting Serena (a.k.a Metaprise Application) – A brand new Vaporwave artist with a quickly growing fandom. However, this particular album was created in cooperation with Gulf Audio Company to pay a debt of gratitude to all the partners, patrons and peers who have supported her in the last 2 years. As for the music itself – classic pure Vaporwave with a funk twist and addicting uptempo beats.
9) 3D Blast– Promise World
3D Blast is an artist dedicated to making anime music and incorporates Vaporwave theme in their style. In fact, “Promise World” is a sequel to another Vaporwave album, called “Promise Girl”. The main difference between the two EPs is the added layer of SEGA vibes to the this new EP – combining chiptune and traditional Vaporwave sampling. Overall, the album has playful and daring vibes, and almost instantly you will find yourself immersed in the music.
8) Windows98の - インターネット

The music that Windows 98 creates is derived from inspiration from the operating platform Windows 98 and incorporates many of the operating systems sounds. The presented album translates as The Internet”, and the five tracks narrate a hidden story with their names. The tracks are catchy, high-intensity Vaportrap or you could even call it "Windowswave".
7) Skyline Divine – Tuesday at noon

“Tuesday At Noon” is inspired by this artist’s childhood, when apparently he watched a lot of afternoon “Mom” TV programming.The influence is resounding in this album. This EP consists of different selected sounds from the '80s (or '90s) daytime television. It has a playful jazzy vibe, which you can’t resist listening or even dancing to. None of us can.

6) PEGA - 夕日
Warning: This album may or may not make you feel a tingling sensation every time you hear it playing! This is no ordinary elevator music – it has some jazz elements, but there are added pitched and distorted sounds, and smooth executions. The nostalgic vibes are overflowing. In addition to all of that, the saxophone elements come incredibly strong and you really get an overall soothing experience.
5) Videofashion – Daytime Television
This album has 32 TRACKS, but no worries because they are only one to two minutes long. This EP was released in the summer of 2016. It creates a powerful relaxing atmosphere for the listener, which makes it ideal to enjoy while browsing late at night television. Indeed, the mallsoft sounds, the Lo-Fi vibes and the broken transmission elements makes it even more intriguing.
4)   Corp. – Class of ‘84
This album doesn’t make an exception when it comes to   Corp.’s other masterpieces – jazzy, calming, hypnagogic-oriented tracks. Honestly, the EP is a classic for every Vaporwave lover. It has pure vaporwave sounds and proves the point that the style is here to stay. “Class of ‘84” has this '80s essence to it, shown through these ethereal, atmospheric, and sensual rhythms. An album that deserves a spot in the Vaporwave Hall of Fame.
3) Maitro – Dragonball Wave

Maitro has definitely earned himself a place in the Vaporwave pantheon. He is a genuine and talented Vaporwave artist and DBW is the living proof. The album has a new twist to the Vaportrap genre with included Dragonball references. With wispy grooves and hypnotic beats, this EP gently allows the feelings of relaxation and motivation to coexist together. Recently, DBW – Part 2 has been produced but that’s not all - there have been rumors about the making of Part 3.
2) Eyeliner – BUY NOW

Eyeliner does it again with his unique brand of midi funk delivering yet another collection of lush, lavish sounds to take you away. Just a little advice – close your eyes and let the silky-smooth midi grooves to take care of you. Overall, the album is one of the best original synthesized works in the community and that is the reason why you should “BUY NOW”.
1) Luxury Elite – Prism

Wait, what? Yes, you guessed right. The Queen of Vaporwave is back again after a two year hiatus. And she returns stronger than ever. “Prism” is a fantastic top-tier album, filled with confidence, escapism and Lo-Fi vibes. It’s like the scent of love came in a bottle and you accidentally opened it. That's how this EP makes you feel. Perfect fan-screeching melodies are laid down one-by-one, the grooves are impeccable, and the vibe is just pure sex. The news for the album which came out a week ago shook her fans, and they are happier than ever that project “Lux” will be continuing.