Does a synthetic aesthetic computer dimension exist? These breathtaking albums will probably have you asking yourself the same thing. Outrun artists are getting more creative than ever, and the material being released by both veterans and newcomers alike is continuing to evolve. Check out our compilation of ten of the best Synthwave albums on the internet. Put the key into the ignition of your 2001 Lamborghini Diablo, feel the revenge in your blood, and with the tires squealing press p l a y.
10) Damokles – Time Machine
If you're looking for something to chill to, “Time Machine” might just be the EP for you. As the album’s name suggests, the tracks are all about time traveling, and combining both the positive and negative aspects of it. The characteristics of these songs follow the golden rule of the genre– pure analog Synthwave with samples taken from the golden decade of the '80s.
9) NightStop – Dancing Killer
Nightstop creates synthwave that features an erotic element. But this album doesn’t just stop there. Throughout the EP, darksynth, faster upbeat tempos, and dreamwave combine seamlessly. Put this album on late at night while lounging in your silk sheets. It will make every fantasy of yours even sweeter.
8) Troxum – Gaia Omen
If “Gaia Omen” could be described in one word, it would be "isolating". This is the debut album of the artist Troxum, who is represented by the label Telefuture. It provides you with an ominous feeling, as if you’re the last person on Earth, chilling on the edge of a precipice, observing the desolated lands in front of you. Truly a unique album with a hidden meaningful message for the world.
7) Wolf and Raven – Ace of Space
Artists Wolf and Raven (a.k.a  Christopher and Anthony Greninger) are brothers influenced by '80s movies, video games, cartoons, and music. And “Ace of Space” is the embodiment of this inspiration of theirs. The album itself is infectious and melodic with a nice blend of guitar and synth. A very motivational and upbeat album perfect for the summertime.
6) Greyskull – Eighties Kids
Dreamy nostalgic vibes pulsate strongly throughout this album. Greyskull has created a masterpiece that can quite literally transport you back to your childhood. This album is  filled with catchy track after catchy track featuring some top-tier retro-wave synth. Although the artist is still new to the scene, after making such a fantastic album more recognition is certainly on his horizon.
5) FM Attack – Stellar
An extraordinary album created by a Synthwave pioneer with a fun, colorful vibe. After staying off the radar for 4 years, FM Attack absolutely delivers with Stellar. The EP has smooth original Synthwave sounds, a real longing feeling, and beautiful vocals. This long-awaited album certainly does not disappoint. 
4) GosT – Non Paradisi
Searching for some darker sounds to fulfill your darker, more secret fantasies? This album is haunting, creepy and an instant classic. GosT surpasses his previous work with “Non paradisi”, making the listener tremble with excitement. The combination of upbeat synths and dark demonic undertones crafts the ideal atmosphere for any upcoming dungeon get-together you might be throwing. As the artist says himself, "Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven”.
3) Timecop1983 – Night Drive
Timecop 1983 is very well known in the synth community for good reason. He is creative, talented, and unique. “Night Drive” is no exception, and even better, it is one of his finest albums yet. Elegant and beautiful melodies complement stunning vocals and unparalleled pads. This is absolutely the album for your week-long family trip to the lake house, where you know your beautiful neighbor crush Katy will also be vacationing. 
2) Miami Nights 1984 – Turbulence
A must have for every Synthwave enthusiast! The masterpiece that MN1984 has created is timeless. It's a perfect combination of retro '80s-synth-sounds and quality vintage beat samples, sizzling synth stabs and cadences. These well-produced, catchy tunes never get boring. That’s why “Turbulence” takes the second place in our playlist – there is no better way to experience a Miami night cruise than listening to Miami Nights 1984.
1) Pertubator – New Model
This European artist has taken over the synth stage many times, and becomes stronger with every album. Definitely a master at the height of his game with captivating melodies and structured sounds. “New Model” is darkness-induced cyberpunk madness. Peturbator loves to experiment with his work, presenting a wide range of synthwave subgenres – from disco-type tunes to his darker more technical sounds, he just keeps evolving. This album has a very dark, driving, and anxiety-invoking edge, incorporating synthetic elements with some hip-hop rhythmic influences and distorted sub bass. This EP will give you an out-of-body experience.