Sophomore Year Slideshow

Sophomore Year Slideshow

Vapor95 and Darknet Recordings present Sophomore Year Slideshow! 🎞📺📼 An 11 track compilation encompassing the sensations of finding yourself and your place in the world. ✨Featuring some of the most talented producers on the planet and specifically curated for maximum emotional impact, this new compilation by Vapor95 and Darknet Recordings is a hallmark in the realm of nostalgic aesthetics. Come with us on our journey to Sophomore Year Slideshow. 📽

Sophomore Year Slideshow opens up with X4 by Tribe Down South. He traditionally delivers upbeat lo-fi hip hop at its best. We hear lots of retro game sounds, transporting us back in time and giving us a sense of nostalgia for days spent in the arcade with friends. 
thyu by Fake_Glass brings us a fundamental message that we should all hold on to - to live in and appreciate the present moment. The composition has very airy yet full chords, with lo-fi hip hop grooves that put you in a very childhood-like peace of mind.
The third record on the compilation is 181 by helloweare. Mysterious, playful, windy pluck melodies and chords mixed with funky beats bring prom-night vibes, making you want to dance with your partner and smile.
Nick Neutronz has continuously impressive production. With Amiga Robot, we travel into a 3D, colorful, glitchy space created during the Y2K era. This digital hip hop monk never disappoints, bringing ultimate synth and heavy hip hop drum fusion.
Kaneda by Nikl is the fifth track on the compilation, taking us to the far east, the record starts with Japan influenced melodies. A future bass track with synth chords and flute samples sets the tone for some serious grooving. A must play when visiting sakura gardens.
LOST AN HOUR by Yobbzsmokedoutphonk - Kick back, get comfortable, put this on with subwoofers and the record will guide you through the listening experience with small sample cuts leading the way. An aesthetic trap beat carries warm, low and heavy 808s throughout the whole track. You'll likely lose an hour listening to this track on repeat.
Summer will be here any day now, and Androx - Golden Hour will definitely be a go to for for us as we soak up the sun's glistening rays. Guitar chords with warm texture and pleasant dancy rhythm, make you sink into beautiful memories, imagining the seaside and breezy waves at sunset.
Bad Bad Dog by TEENROOM - Slightly distorted lo-fi sounds with details from old TV shows, a short track that takes you on a quick adventure.
Desire and Temptation by Telepath II - A pure definition of vaporwave. This piece equals an 80s romance movie, telling a lovely and dramatic story during these 9 minutes of slow, low fidelity sounds and sweet wavy vocals.
Cut_Off by I_yaReeL_i  - This track justifies its name by cutting you off from reality for a little while, taking you down a memory lane filled with sun flares and grainy film.
Yūkai by Pr0t0_3095ti - Is filled with futuristic ambient sounds, as if the sound is floating to you from a faraway constellation. This is the type of music that you would expect to hear around Saturn.



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