Vapor Turismo | IDM Mix + Spotify Playlist through its Vaporwave lifestyle blog and record label DARKNET presents the Vapor Turismo mix and Spotify playlist. An energetic and groovy yet relaxing IDM mix to power through any PS2 racing game circuit. Available as an hour long mix on Soundcloud and as a Playlist on Spotify!

Omni Trio/Aquasky - Who Are You? (Aquasky Remix)

Nookie - The Eclipse - 2011 Re-Mastered Mix

Nookie - The Blues - 2011 Re-Mastered Mix

Appaloosa - Night Train - Instrumental Mix

Photek - T'Raenon

Voyager - Hypersleep - 97 Revamp

Jonny L/Photek - 2 of Us - Photek Remix

Pablo - Do What You Gotta Do

Seba - Planetary Funk Alert

Aquasky - Dezires - Remaster

Studio Pressure - Relics - Plaid Mix

Aquasky - Images - Remaster

Nookie - Continental Drift

Aquarious/Tayla - Bringing Me Down

Wax Doctor - Atmospheric Funk

Wax Doctor - Offshore Drift

Big Bud - A Way of Life

Blu Mar Ten - The Fountain

Wax Doctor - All I Need

Tayla - Language