Vapor95 & Darknet 2019 Mixes

Vapor95 & Darknet Mixes

Vapor95 & Darknet Recordings presents 5 handmade, carefully curated mixes in the variety of genres. 
Enter the Darknet! ✨


archives is a Hip-Hop mix, where you can drift serenely into the inner spaces of the memory archive, or concentrate with precision on the task at hand...🌃📼🎧

Logic Gate

The next one up is Logic Gate. Rip thought the circuits of the simulation board. Any decision, any turn could be your last. Will you endure the Logic Gate?  🎛👾💿


Welcome to a place where your reality and fantasy blends for the ultimate shopping experience. Let your memory run wild with dreams of the pre-internet mall age. Gone now but never forgotten. Step into the PURE DECAY. ✨🛒🛍


With Fall comeschanges. A Lo-Fi Hip-Hop mix that will transcend you smoothly into the most beautiful and coziest season of the year! ☕️🧡🍂 

Sensual Essence

Finally, we present our most recent Vaporwave mix. Slip into something a little more comfortable with Sensual Essence . 🔮🌊✨

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