Vapor95 Launches NFT's: Addressing Concerns



Vapor95 is extremely excited to launch our own curated Vaporwave and Aesthetic NFT gallery with We will be launching new NFT's drops on a bi weekly basis featuring some of the most talented and prolific artists within our space. We will also be collaborating with some of the largest and most innovative Crypto currency groups. We invite you to sign up to our exclusive NFT email list HERE if you're interested in the crypto art world and our NFT drops!

Currently, NFT's are a controversial subject with a variety of complaints and concerns being leveled against Crypto artwork and Vapor95's involvement in the space. We would like to address some of these issues and explain our involvement and steps taken to address the issues within the NFT space.

Question: Aren't NFT's harmful for environment?! Why would you want to get involved in an environmentally damaging endeavor?!

Vapor95: We understand that the encryption methods used in the creation of the NFT during the minting process consume a large volume of energy. Currently, the crypto art space is using as much energy as a small country does in a year. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. Ethereum is working on developing a much more efficient encryption process, ETH 2.0, but this will be implemented some time in the future. We don't want to wait for this. So Vapor95 will be donating 3% of all profits from the sale of NFT's through our marketplace towards Carbon Credits to more than offset our carbon footprint generated from the minting process of our NFT's. We are keeping detailed track of the amount of energy we are using in our minting and NFT transactions as a whole and promise to more than offset this energy use and the carbon footprint associated. Additionally, we will be joining as a partner which will further ensure the environmental impact of our NFT gallery will be nullified. We are committed to ensuring Vapor95 is environmentally conscious of the impact of NFT's and will work to completely offset our carbon footprint in this endeavor. 

Vapor95 has and always will be an ethical and environmentally friendly company. We have maintained an on demand manufacturing process for a reason and have not compromised our ethics or principles for monetary gain. Our exploration of the NFT space is no different and our commitment to our environmental responsibility is unwavering.

Question: This feels like its just a get rich quick money grab! It's a fad thats going to die out and by launching NFT's you're going against everything Vaporwave stands for!

Vapor95: Cyptocurrency and NFT's are, for all intents and purposes, here to stay. As our industrialized society moves further and further into the digital space, decentralized currencies and forms of exchange will increasingly take the place of physical units of exchange. NFT's are an exciting new asset that not only benefit the artists curated through our platform, but spreads the Vaporwave and Aesthetic art movements into a space currently dominated by other forms of artistic expression.

Our artist will receive 70% of all profits after costs of gas and minting expenses.

Vaporwave itself has many elements of anti-capitalism; being a Vaporwave brand may seem ironic to many but Vapor95 has prided itself on being a bastion of the movement itself and not monopolizing on the aesthetic. We have curated many of our own Vaporwave compilations showcasing smaller artists in the space, have hosted Livestream performances from some of the biggest names in Vaporwave music, have partnered with artists in the space to facilitate the growth of their artwork, and provided many with financial means through the use of Vapor95 as their platform.

We believe that cryptocurrency being decentralized empowers the individual as opposed to the corporate overlords holding the purse strings of the banking industry. Cryptocurrency is a space that empowers the everyman and has validity in proving a free and open economic model. In this respect, Cryptocurrency and NFT's are inherently aligned with the Vaporwave ethos.

Question: But isn't the NFT space toxic and ultimately doesn't support real art work? The people buying these NFT's don't appreciate art and poorer people that don't have the means are suckered into spending their real money to the benefit of the powerful few curators!

Vapor95: The validity of an individual's appreciation of artwork is subjective in nature. Over the ages, there have been large diversions into what classified as "art", and the impressionist and surrealist movements of art (as opposed to the more classical forms of artwork in times past) have created rifts of what defines "good art". Blank canvases with a single slash have sold for millions of dollars to collectors. We can't speak on what defines "good artwork" or "I could have made this when I was 9 years old" artwork, but we do know good Vaporwave and Aesthetic artwork and it's our singular goal to curate and empower the incredibly talented and renowned artists that we have had the honor of working with. 

Like all new inventions or disruptions to the status quo and especially ones involving money, change can be derisive. There are people with a lot of crypto currency and there are also individuals that have made a lot of money from getting involved in the space earlier when the coins of certain crypto assets were valued less. This is the same as the stock market when many individuals made millions from owning a few hundred dollars of Amazon or Apple stock when it was first released to the public. Like the stock market or other financial systems, thorough knowledge and extensive research is necessary before getting involved. We don't recommend anyone get involved in the Crypto space without an extensive knowledge of its functions, operation, and methods of exchange. 

In conclusion, Vapor95 believes the benefits of providing our artists and the NFT environment with a curated gallery far outweighs the controversy or risks involved. Vapor95 is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring our involvement in this arena is above all, ethical and environmentally conscious.

We hope this answers some of your concerns or questions about our new NFT gallery and we encourage you to reach out to our CEO at with any additional questions or concerns! 

Artwork by: VFXFREEK