Introducing the KNOWN ENEMY design. Created to directly support Ukraine during this humanitarian crisis. 
It’s been a little over a year that I’ve been working closely with NickBee, aka Mykola, a Ukranian drum & bass producer living close to Dnipro. Over the year, we have become close friends and creative partners. When troops were massed at the border, like most other Ukranians, he said he wasn’t concerned. When Russia invaded Ukraine last month, the situation changed, and continues to worsen as we all know. Mykola is now hiding in a small home on the country side in a more remote area, his ailing mother relying on his care. Dnipro, his hometown, was bombed for the first time in the war four days ago. Right now, Mykola is surrounded by encroaching Russian forces in the middle of a war torn country. Words cannot emphasize the current need for support for the people of the Ukraine right now. With Mykola's ability to directly use the funds raised, he will be able to provide for local Ukranians, not only through himself but through a network of volunteers providing food for the stranded elderly. I believe this is a most immediate opportunity to see the greatest direct use of the donations.



Dominik Schnider, otherwise known as SUPERUNKNOWN, is an experimental Vaporwave artist. He is one of two main designers at From creating custom clothing designs sold around the country in major malls to designing a pair of Heelies, Dom can do it all. Born and raised in Poland, Dominik works remotely with River from Krakow, Poland. For over 3 years, Dominik has been an integral part of Vapor95, crafting its brand image and helping to set the brand apart. After Russia invaded Ukraine, over 3 million Ukrainians have fled into Poland. Families, women, and children are waiting in crowded libraries, police stations, schools and anywhere else that can house them while they wait for rides from relatives or connections they may have. For thousands, they are homeless with nothing. Two days ago, Dom drove nine hours to Košice at 4am to help relocate a grandmother, her daughter, and her child. There is currently a profound need to assist with finding homes and basics for the disposed families. Having Dom living in Poland and eager to help, I want to share a portion of the proceeds with Dominik to oversee their allocation to volunteer organizations working on finding placement and providing essentials for the refugees transitioning into Poland.



All proceeds from the sale of the KNOWN ENEMY design will be sent directly to Mykola and volunteers in Ukraine Dnipro region, and selected Charity Organizations in Poland.
We will report on the allocation of funds and their use more granularly as we utilize them. If you have any questions about the donation please feel free to email