Vapor95 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s the holiday season again, which means you’ve probably been sweating bullets looking for amazing gift ideas.

Fear not!

We’ve thrown together the perfect gift guide to help you navigate the holidays Vaporwave style. Just click on any of the items below and add them to your cart.

11. CD Mirror

90’s babies and Nostalgia fanatics, rejoice! This mirror is a call back to the golden ages of PCs and Nintendo 64s. It’s 18 inches in diameter, which makes it perfect as a hallway or shelf decoration, or a bedroom mirror. It’s a fantastic way to spice up any room, and of course, has a high-quality ⅛ inch thick acrylic mirror surface.

Even if your friends have never seen a Cd or DVD in their lives, it’s sure to draw attention and can serve as a great conversation starter.

10. Melting Beauty Candle

The melting beauty is one of our seasonal favorites. You can think of it as a little piece of ancient Rome, that you can put on display in practically any room of your home or apartment. The candle is a hand-poured take on the statue of David, with our very own Varporwave spin.

The perfect way to add a vaporwave or roman aesthetic to your home. 

9. Mystery VHS

VHS has all but disappeared from human history. They’re practically an urban legend at this point, with only a handful of stores in the entire country keeping them available for sale…

We happen to be one of those stores. 

This gift pulls a random VHS tape from the massive library in our downtown LA location. We’ve got a crazy collection of 80s, 90s, and 2000s movies. Plus, there’s a ton of classic anime — like original copies of Ruroni Kenshin — retro computing or gaming tapes, and of course…

Vaporwave surrealist edits.

If you’re on the hunt for a genre/type, you can leave a note with your purchase and we’ll do our best to facilitate.

Remember, all of these tapes are completely out of production, so there’s a chance you’ll find a rare collector’s item as well.


11. Hawaiian Shirts

Maybe you can't give them that dream vacation they want for the holidays, but you can give them the gift of living like every day is a day in p a r a d i s e with our Vapor95 Hawaiian shirts. They're made of a super soft and vibrant premium polyester that never fades. Plus, the designs are really cool. 

7. Mystery Boxes

If you want to get a gift for yourself, but still want to feel surprised or you’re buying for a Vaporwave fan, the mystery box is the perfect fit. The mystery boxes come in two sizes and contain things like hoodies, Random Sticker Sheets, Mystery Pins, Graphic Tee Shirts, A Hoodie, and a Beanie or hat.

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe and your living space this season, you’ve found the perfect gift.

6. Gameboys

As you can probably tell by now, we’ve got a knack for making awesome, retro shit, even more awesome.

Our GameBoy collection is a testament to that. 

Choose from any one of our four refurbished and modded Gameboy designs. Each with a unique pattern styled by our friends at Gamechanger Mods. If you love the Gameboy, but you struggle with the bland designs, limited functionality, and the inability to see the screen in the dark, then you’ll love these.

5. Graphic Tees

Got a friend in need of a fashion upgrade? We have over 50 graphic tees available on our site for your selection. Choose from a variety of aesthetcis including vaporwave, anime, synthwave,and  retro-gaming. 

Our Graphic tees come in all sizes and we make styles for all people. 

4. Mystery Minidiscs

Minidiscs were a unique hybrid technology that looked like a cassette, DVD, and floppy disc all in one. Like most of these now-defunct technologies, Vapor95 has amassed a collection of them. 

By purchasing this gift, you’ll receive four random minidiscs from a collection built by a deceased Japanese karaoke enthusiast. The collection is one of a kind and features 2000 discs, the majority of which are recordings of undiscovered and unknown pop music from early 90’s Japan. 

If you’re into exploring Japanese culture, or want to add an audio element to your aesthetic— this is the perfect fit. 

You can read more about minidiscs in our Darknet article here. :)

3. Phone Cases

Every cellphone needs protection, and our collection of cellphone cases features a variety of aesthetic designs to choose from.

We've built these cases with a unique clear-finish technology that embeds images into the plastic surface of the case, instead of printing them on top of it. That way, if you drop your phone, not only is it safe from damage, but your case looks just as sick as it did, right out of the box. 

You can choose from any one of our 29 designs, each featuring themes like time travel, Japanese culture, Ancient Rome, and Anime. 

2. Our Beautiful, but Ugly Sweater Collection

It’s still a little early to dive into the Xmas spirit, but what’s a holiday season without an ugly Xmas sweater?

We’ve designed a special line of vapor enthusiast ugly sweaters that you can choose from. If you’re on the hunt for something truly ugly, you might be disappointed. Some of the designs are objectively phenomenal, like this Super Chilly Sweatshirt.

1. Vapor95 Gift Card

Tough time choosing a gift for someone? I get how you feel. There’s a lot of pressure around gift-giving. The gift you pick for someone says a lot about how well you know them, and who you believe them to be.

Bad gifts can end friendships, or best case— end up in the re-gifting drawer.

Skip all the hooplah, with a Vapor95 gift card this year.