Lunchbox Tee

Lunchbox Tee

$ 36.75
Vapor95 presents the Lunchbox Tee!
What a kid stored in their lunchbox was a currency. Welcome to the great cafeteria trading games of 1995. Trade a pack of Dunk-a-roos for Fruit Gushers. Trade next period's homework and the Fruit Gushers for ten minutes on your archrival's Gameboy. Crush him in Mortal Kombat with time spared to finish your Lunchables glowing with confidence. You're the big dog in this cafeteria. The Vapo95 Lunchbox aesthetic: an ode to the surprise hustles in life. Wherever you go, don't forget your crown.
  • 100% original designs exclusively for Vapor95; every order is hand-crafted specifically for you.
  • Printed using a customized sublimation process to ensure lasting, vibrant colors and quality.
  • Durable Poly-Fleece material is resistant to daily wear while remaining extraordinarily comfortable.
  • No Sweatshops, no mass-production. Entirely owned, made, and shipped out of the USA.

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