With another month behind us we continue forward in our quest to bring you the ultimate in Vaporwave music. Towards that effort we present a countdown of ten quintessential Vaporwave albums

10) Remember – The City Is My Friend

“The City Is My Friend” is a brilliant urban dreamscape, a fantasy only experienced in dreams. Set in an undiscovered, heavenly dimension, the sounds of the album are reminiscent of a neon-drenched night in a dreamy cyberpunk landscape. Definitely worth a listen.   


This exotic album combines smooth vocals, drums and synthwave melodies to create a groovy vibe. The bright, playful sounds are combined with heavier funk elements to create a jazzy soundscape. Definitely a welcome addition to this year’s Vaporwave collection.


8) YU-UTSU -憂鬱

This album is Vaporwave at its finest. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a groovy spring with its light vibes. The sounds are both relaxing and invigorating, an excellent soundtrack for your insomnia. Perfect mood music for a late-night dinner for one.


7) Desired – Lovestory

A stunning release by Business Casual and future funk artist Desired. It creates a sexy, smooth atmosphere with it’s jazzy sax elements. The entire album is an excellent introduction to future funk and an absolute masterpiece just waiting to be discovered.


6) Fire-Toolz – Interbeing

This album is unique in that it strays from the traditional Vaporwave we’re used to. “Interbeing” is a combination of pop, jazz, black metal and electronic blended seamlessly together. This is not the first hit from talented artist Angel Marcloid a.k.a  Fire-Toolz. His last album Drip Mental made quite a splash in the community. One thing is for’ll fall in love with these unique, glitchy sounds.


5) 輕描淡寫  - 小圈子

This ambient and dreamy EP takes you on an emotional journey. The serene, somber tunes combine beautifully with the sounds of a bustling, modern city. You can feel the raw emotions expressed in every note of the songs. This one is sure to transport you.


4) b a k m a h n / TESTAROSAH – Holy Oxygen

This album is a collaboration between the Vaporwave artist  b a k m a h n and the Synthwave artist Testarosah. It’s a perfect blend of the dark and the light, the heavier Synthwave elements and the lighter aspects of Vaporwave.


The crashing of the waves, sun beams lightly caressing your skin, heavy nostalgia in the air. What’s not to love about a dreamy July? SYLLABUS perfectly captures those dreamy summer feelings throughout this project. S U M M E R F E E L S hit us hard with this one and take us on a retro, melancholic journey.



Yung Bae is an artist in the Vaporwave community with a hugely supportive and dedicated fan base. And it’s not undeserved–his first release, “Bae” tops our list of essential Vaporwave albums and is still gaining popularity. “Bae 2” is another masterpiece, crafted with passion and a true mastery of the genre. The sounds are energetic, lively, and perfect to dance to. If you’re ever searching for the perfect EP to pump up your aesthetic party, definitely give this one a go.


1) Death’s Dynamic Shroud – Heavy Black Heart

Most of DDS’ albums are already essentials for Vaporwave enthusiasts. Even after all of these years, DDS is still creating high quality aesthetic albums, and “Heavy Black Heart” is the perfect example. The trio has certainly evolved over time, but this album is solid proof that they are only getting better and better. Mastered to perfection and captivating the scene with it’s addictive sounds, the vibe of the album is aesthetic heaven.


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