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By: Tanya Kisiova

We believe the popular line, “started from the bottom, now we’re here,” applies best when discussing the progression of the Vaporfashion world. We cringe at remembering the early days when a search for Vaporwave clothing turned up some unstylish dad tees and not much else. Nowadays, everything from your heart’s purest desire to your deepest, darkest wishes can be found in print. If you’re in the market to add some high-quality Vaporwave pieces to your wardrobe, then look no further than our list of the Top 10 vaporfashion fashion brands!


10) PAOM, Society6, and LiveHeroes

PAOM, society6, LiveHeroes

These three sites are online platforms for pro and amateur designers to create, share, sell and collaborate on their pieces. In other words, small brands which are still developing can connect with big brands until they’ve gained enough of a following on their own. Pretty cool, huh? You can find only custom-made items, which vary from clothes to wall tapestries. A simple premise with huge implications for wearers of aesthetic clothing.



Eric Wu, the chief designer, used to be a regular fashion designer in LA, but his own love for creating vaporwave clothing led him to our corner of the world and we are grateful for it! This shop offers premium 80's and 90's style vaporwave clothing and activewear. A lot of the options include big brands like Fiji, Kodak, Fila, and Espirit. The site sells onesies, hoodies, t-shirts, and joggers.


Weirdlord is a small brand on the rise with some really beautiful Vaporfashion pieces. Most of the apparel is anime-related or from famous 90's TV series. Whether you visit their website, Facebook page, or Instagram profile, you will be greeted by a receptionist anime lady who works for the Tokugawa company. This quirky company offers clothes that are off-kilter, aesthetic items for your wardrobe.



A distinct brand, Cool Shirtz, has a very unique style that makes it mark by staying relevant. It's an Australian fan-based store with designs that are on trend and catchy (think meme related tees). "Cool Shirtz" sells t-shirts, longsleeves, jumpers, jackets, and many more amazing stuffz.


6) Virtual Plaza


Virtual Plaza Co. is a brand named for its skilled designer, Virtua. A visual artist from Argentina, Virtua’s real name is Agustin Negrin. Most of his work includes photomanipulation and glitch artworks, which he incorporates into the shirts. All of the designs are custom made by him and mostly related to Japanese and Greek mythology. Items from this site are truly one of a kind!



This brand's products look like they have just popped out of an 80's movie. Based in Sweden and founded by Hilding B, their designs include 80's style art, music, and fashion items. As an added bonus, you can check out Hilding B’s Synthwave music on Soundcloud and Spotify.



The shop has unique graphics t-shirts and overall lovely items. Most of the apparel could be considered casual, everyday wear, but with a hint of Vaporwave styling. You can also find k-pop merch on the site!



Kokopiecoco is where kawaii comes to life. The feel of their site is Pastel Goth meets Japanese Street Fashion meets Tumblr aesthetics. A combination of cute and out of this world clothing--what more could they offer? Their items include Nasa and alien themed t-shirts, rainbow sweaters and jackets, holographic boots and backpacks, and so much more.



RVRE Aesthetics contains a mix of aesthetic Vaporwave anime streetwear and retro apparel. The label's designs are related to anime,hentai, and 90's games all incorporated into some high-quality items. Also, they offer a marvelous socks collection, which are worth checking out. RVRE Aesthetics is an incredible addition to the Vaporwave world.



The search results are in. Look for "the best vaporwave brand" and you’ll find Vapor95, a one of a kind, custom-made shop with items you can't find anywhere else. It's the cutting edge of Vaporfashion, providing a huge array of different designs and products from the most talented Vaporwave designers today. The offering of limited edition,hand-made, and hand-sewn products keep this shop at the top of the list. With styles from the 70’s to the 90’s, the high-quality apparel can appeal to every Vaporwave enthusiast. If you are looking to add an all-time favorite to your closet, V95 is the place for you.


Gone are the days of basic clothes on our backs and in their place stands Vaporfashion. People might swear by the fact that Vaporwave is dead, but one thing is clear--Vaporfashion is proving the test of time.

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