We're so happy to feature you and your incredible art on our blog DARKNET! Tell us a little bit about your background, share your story with us!

My name is Davansh Atry, 3D artist from India. I was an Electronics major at college and graduated in 2016. I was never much interested in a job in that field, majorly because I sucked at it. Haha. Art wasn't my thing from the very beginning. I stumbled upon it by mistake and it just stuck with me. And, i'm glad it did.

How long have you been creating art? And what was the deciding factor for you to pursue it professionally?

I have been creating art for almost three years now, started out sometime in 2017. Like i said, it wasn't my thing from the beginning, initially it was like a hobby that acted as an escape from what I was doing at that point in my life. And as time passed, people started approaching me with opportunities and it was then, when I decided to roll the dice and see where it goes.

Tell us about your process - how do you manage to make your ideas come to life and how close are they to your initial inspirations?

It usually starts with an emotion/thought and then I decide a scene set up for it, a concept, if I may. I then work on it until I'm able to somewhat bring out that emotion through it or basically until I'm satisfied with it.

The real treat is when the audience is able to feel the emotion/thought I felt while creating the artwork.

Do you listen to music while working? If so, what do you usually listen to? How do you see it affecting your final product?

Yes, I do listen to music while working. Here's my Spotify playlist that I usually have on loop while working.

Music is definitely one of the major sources of inspiration for me.

Where do you see yourself at the pinnacle of your career? What would be your ultimate dream come true involving your artwork?

I'd say working with some of my favorite artists would be both a dream come true and where I'd be at the pinnacle.

What would you tell passionate up and coming artists who want to pursue their art?

The only thing I'd say is "never give up". Consistency is the key, as they say, "Rome wasn't built in a day", so the more time you spend on it the better. Plus, share your work with the community as much as you can.