Vapor95 Live 3.0 Replay


(Enter Full Screen mode for full e x p e r i e n c e)

In case anyone missed the third Vapor95 Live Stream...

We've uploaded the full show for you all!

The show was another incredible moment for us, featuring a roster of some of Vapor95's favorite musical acts. It was such a pleasure talking and vibing with fellow fans and supporters!

Special thanks to Android Apartment, Telenights, Lola Disco, kissmenerdygirl, 식료품groceries, Skule Toyama, Tupperwave, SUPERSEX420, 猫 シ Corp. and the Vapor95 friends and family! Be sure to follow and support these artists if you enjoyed their sets!

We're planning to do more of these shows so stay tuned for upcoming digital concerts by following the DARKNET Recordings Instagram, the Vapor95 Instagram, or our Facebook. You can also sign up for our mailing list on the bottom of our store's homepage.