We're so excited to feature GAMECHANGER MODS on our blog Darknet! How did you get started? What inspired you to begin modifying Gameboys and different consoles?

I bought a Gameboy lot off eBay one night. It was just regular internet shopping. I noticed that replacement buttons are also available, and different ways to easily customize Gameboys. then I saw all the people talking about it on Instagram and built a few to sell, and then the brand just took off.

What was your first gaming console and your favorite game of all time?

My first real gaming console that was mine was the original PlayStation. I had all different consoles in my house growing up but I got the PS1 for my 16th birthday with Metal Gear solid and so to this day, that is my favorite console and also my favorite game. Also a huge handheld fan particularly of the PSP and DS Lite.

What was the deciding factor for you to take it all to the next level and start doing it for a living?

I was making some good money from it and it was very time consuming so we recently expanded the company with Keep Pluggin' Retro to be able to offer retro collectibles and we have two of us modding and designing game boys full time to meet demand. But a huge part of the fun we get out of this business is meeting cool people and hooking them up with a cool Gameboy they genuinely love and appreciate. I never had a bad experience with a Gameboy customer.

What goes into the process of modding? And where do you get your supplies from if it's not a secret?

The process of modding is pretty complicated to describe but pretty simple in practice. I got into it very easily and it's something that anyone can do. We have been working on a beginner's guide book to modding, which features fully-illustrated tutorials, comics, stories, interviews and everything one would need to know about modding. I’m very excited to share this with people and get more people excited about it! 

The book also spills all the beans about where to get parts and supplies and we are proud to be a brand ambassador. We get all our parts from them and they have everything anyone would need to get modding.

What is your ultimate dream with modding consoles and how do you see your highest point in your career?

I've been a cartoonist and making comics all my life. I've been publishing books for about six years, and this Gameboy book will be my fourth. This was an early goal of mine when I really started to be serious about modding. I knew I could make a great book with this material, and so I think getting the opportunity to publish it was definitely a high point Leading all the way up to its release. I have been working on the book for the past year and it should come out in the first few months of 2020.

Can people order their custom designs? if yes please let us know where they can reach out! 

Definitely get in touch with us on Instagram @gamechanger_mods. We can do full custom mods in any color you can imagine for any Gameboy console. Also, We are pumped to now be able to print custom graphics on any Gameboy, so get in touch and we can set it up!

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