We're so happy to feature you and your incredible art on our blog DARKNET! Tell us a little bit about your background, share your story with us!

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA; I intend my work to explore the forces that are hidden beneath the surface of this reality that we experience by manipulating mediums including 3D rendering software, photography, and video. I explore the endless visual mediums to experiment with new techniques, that represents ideas of my personal experience - call the unconscious and dream states. I'm fully concerned with awareness, identity, and human emotions - Profoundly inspired by dreams, planets, mythical stories, contemporary religion, human behavior, nature and above all artists, no matter what style they play. I studied Graphic design at Rio Hondo College. I'm currently living and working in Los Angeles and ollaborating with many artists, exploring and developing more towards my true passion which is film and integrating 3D rendering models/animations into live-action footage.

When did you figure out that you wanted to dedicate your time and energy to art? Was modeling 3D images the first thing you picked up?

When I began to explore many different outlets into expressing what I was truly feeling every day. Throughout my childhood, It was hard to find a good role
model for me to really feel and passionately feel inspired artistically. The only artist in my family that I knew at the time were only musicians, guitar players as usual haha.

Nah, 3D modeling was not the first tool of artistic expression I picked up on. I started off with a photography and marching band in middle school. I have always
been fascinated with many forms of expression, gaining knowledge throughout tasteful beats. I can only explain truths through the moments we yet to fully understand. Every day is a new day, and I have no idea what to expect at this point.

Tell us about what goes into the process of creating your art? Where do you draw the inspiration for your characters, textures and the world around?

I begin to dwell between the super hyper-realistic and psychedelic idealism realities in my mind. So, by using 3D renders, I create abstractions that get to the "real", in which there is no difference between the "real" and the "ideas" -  what I call the "dream". The dream, set in a psychedelic world, is more real than what I call "reality”. Creating surreal images and a hybrid blends of mysticism and religious provocation is where I draw inspirations and characters.

Do you listen to music while you create? If so what kind and how do you see it affecting your final product?

Anything without lyrical expression is the best “music” for me to create with personally. It allows me not to think of anything in between.

Do you collaborate with other artists? or is there any upcoming collab you would like to tell us about?

I collaborate with many artists, I have been for the most part. I prefer to keep future collab a mystery.

How do you see yourself at the highest point of your career? What would be your ultimate dream to accomplish with your work and when do you see that happening?

I see myself creating films, incorporating 3D life-like renders, expressing visual ideas I wouldn't be able to do now. Soon, very soon.

Do you work on other projects besides your personal? 

I'm always trying to learn a bit of everything personally. I'm pursuing to learn to play the piano, technically.

Finally, we would love to ask - What would you say to up and coming artists who want to pursue their passion?

Don't ever stop rendering (Don't stop creating)

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