Vintage 1990s GIFs for Special Occasions

Vintage 1990’s GIFs for Special Occasions

Sometimes words don’t cut it. You need a picture, a picture that moves to the rhythm of your heart. You need a fine VINTAGE GIF. <3 xxx

Before easily being able to post and share video online we had GIFs. They were our little motion pictures that help our sites and emails stand out from the crowd. Sometimes they were hand made, sometimes they were copy-and-pasted. Now-a-days, vintage GIFs have become digital collectors items. We cherish our folders full of animated memories and have brought together a selection to share with you today! Save all these GIFs and impress your friends with your next personal email to celebrate some of life’s special milestones! :-)











Performing your first spell!






Expressing Your Undying Love to that Special Someone







Celebrating the Mysteries of Creation!