We're so happy to feature you on our darknet blog since you've been collaborating with us on designs! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how long you've been doing art.

Thanks for having me! I've been drawing for the majority of my life. I've only gotten serious at it when I was around 17 and wanted to pursue a career in the game or animation industry. I was never hired anywhere but I did end up paving my own career through social media instead.

Tell us a little bit about the designs you've created in collaboration with Vapor95. What inspired these works? If you had to pick a favorite, which one would it be and why?

A lot of the artwork I do is inspired by anime and Lo-fi and Vaporwave aesthetics. I like to mash all the aesthetics I love into one piece. That's why all my work has small elements of anime, Lo-fi, Vaporwave, and sometimes Cyberpunk in them. If I had to choose a favorite, it'd probably be my Konohagakure piece (named Ramen Village on the site). It's just a favorite of mine.

Your style is incredible, inspired, but as original as they come. Please tell us about your artistic journey.

My style wasn't always just line art and flat colors like you see now. I used to do a lot of paintings with many textures and tried to make them look like oil paintings. I used to draw that way because I absolutely hated doing line art. But ever since I started experimenting with line art more, I've really leaned into it and enjoy it now.

Could you tell us more about what you're creating/working on right now?

Right now I'm working on various projects I can't talk about at the moment. But I'm always doing fan art of various series.

Do you listen to music while working on your art? If so, please share your favorite artists or albums with us!

Yes, I listen to a lot of Lo-fi and Chill music. Right now, my favorite artists are probably Powfu and LUND.

You are a world creator. Your designs look like they could be from animated feature films. Where do you get your inspiration from to build these worlds?

A lot of times they're actually fan art from anime series or films so that's no surprise! I like to take specific scenes or ideas from films and try to recreate it with my own spin.

Every artist faces days where they lack inspiration and drive to create. How do you deal with these moments?

When I'm not motivated, I simply take a break and do something else for a while. A lot of times, that's gaming or reading manga and watching shows. After I've had my fun, I'm usually ready to work again.

If you werenʼt an artist, what would you do for a living?

I'd probably end up being a pro gamer or something lowkey.

What is your ultimate dream to accomplish with your art? How do you see yourself at the highest point of your career?

The highest point I can imagine myself is having my work recognized by practically anyone who uses the internet.

Anyone who sees my work will instantly know it was made by "Seerlight".

If you could blast a text message to every phone on the planet to deliver one 160 character message, what would it say?


Finally, what would you say to up-and-coming artists who want to pursue their passion?

Take it easy. Don't force yourself to work more than you should. You should always be having fun with your work.




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