The Vapor95 store:

The world's first Vaporwave Clothing and Lifestyle shopping boutique!

The store, located at 850 Santee St. Los Angeles, contains a massive selection of Vapor95's apparel and accessories, including our best-selling tees, hoodies, joggers, hats, pins, selected women's styles, and so much more!

The Vapor95 store also offers a unique shopping experience with retro tech devices to interact with, including a T.V. wall and Neo Geo arcade machine, a life-size cherry blossom tree, and custom Vaporwave wall art throughout the store created in partnership with the art collective Chewing Foil.

Check out the 3D virtual tour of the Vapor95 store space here!

We have also partnered with to offer a plethora of their Aesthetic accessories, pins, and handbags. A diverse collection of Gamechanger Mods custom Game Boys are available, along with a massive selection of Vaporwave Vinyls and Tapes from labels 100% Electronica, Business Casual and our own DARKNET Recordings. Multidisciplinary Vaporwave artist Haiiileen will also have an installation on display and available for purchase in the coming weeks.  

Limited edition drops, super rare designs and styles, custom footwear, and select collaborator merchandise previously not available online, are also available in the store.

The store is reopening May 1st! 🌸🌸🌸 No appointment necessary, however masks will be required for entry at the time being.