Tara Noir

 What inspired you to dive into the world of music creation? Please tell us about this journey! 

I’ve always been involved in music since I was young. My father is a musician and I can’t remember a moment where music wasn’t my main focus. Music is my religion - I practice it, I preach it, I support those involved in it, I go to events and concerts to worship it, and music is basically my first love. It raised me. I won’t dive too deep into it but throughout high school, I was basically homeless/lived alone the whole time. I lived in my car for a good chunk, but wherever I went I kept my guitar with me. I kept it to myself and in my loneliest times, I would play guitar and pretend I was somewhere else. Music is my best friend and always has been, always will be. When I listened to music I sunk into whatever song I was listening to. 

We know that you produce the majority of your music. Please tells us more about your creative process - what software or instruments do you use for your music? How often do you collaborate with other artists? 

I’ve used Ableton since Day One and I have to say I don’t think I see myself switching from it anytime soon. I love to stick with some 80’s inspired synths or dreamscape-video game sounds. I like to describe my vision for the majority of my music to be the soundtrack to underwater levels for video games. I play guitar, bass, keys, and drums, but I’m mainly a drummer. If you want to count flute in junior high add it to my discography haha. I don’t collab often, but I’m more than open to it! I spend most of my time having jam sessions with my right-hand man is NALASA - we like to call ourselves “The Pioneers of Psychedelic R&B” as a half-joke. He just released his first single on SoundCloud called “Say What You Want.” He deserves the world. 

Who are your musical inspirations and idols? Who would you want to work with the most? 

Sade, Sade, Sa-DE! I grew up listening to Sade as a kid and to this day she’s one of my favorite artists. I get a lot of inspiration from her style of singing- deep, long, silky, sultry vibes. Other artists I admire are Hall & Oates, Wham!, The Strokes, Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Hiatus Kaiyote, The Dig and so many more that I could go on and on haha. My music taste has a wide range. I’d love to work with Anderson Paak. the most, however. That man has the most hustle, the most stage presence, and the most fucking style. Wow. Even if I could shake a tambourine on his song or have him use my snap or play a bass line; maybe he could say “Yes, Lawd,” on my track. Even if he could critique my work that’d be an honor. 

Please tell us about other art projects of yours! Where can people look for it? 

I also paint and do graphic design work! I’ve done work for Phatcap Beats, ChillCow, AniDojo, and other independent companies and artists. My art account on Instagram @violetsandlillies.

How do you see yourself at the highest point of your career? What would be your ultimate dream to accomplish with your work and when do you see that happening?

If someone throws a bra on-stage with my name one it, then yeah I’ve reached my final form haha... Kidding. You know when you go to a concert and there’s that time before the main performer goes on where there’s music playing through the PA and everyone’s just standing around and talking to their friends? And then the music stops, the lights go down and everyone screams? Yeah, that’d be enough for me to be. Peak Career would be if I had a SOLD OUT show.

How often do you perform and where could we see you live? Can you tell us a little about your upcoming shows?

I don’t perform as often this time of year. I plan on playing a few shows around Orange County, CA around Spring 2020 after my upcoming EP is solid and I can share it with the world live before digitally. 

Finally, we would love to ask - What would you say to up and coming artists who want to pursue their passion?

Work hard, stay curious, and let your music speak for itself. Let your actions speak louder than words. People know a hard worker when they see one. It’s okay to say you’re proud of yourself. “Everyone messes up at some point- it’s how you deal with it that matters. The real difficulty is not letting the carpet be pulled out completely from underneath you. Any bad experience affects your confidence, and that can lead to a downward spiral. But I don't know anyone who hasn't gone through this.” - Sir Simon Rattle

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