Vapor95 Stands with Black Lives Matter

Vapor95 Stands with Black Lives Matter

People wrote to us saying 'please don't get political. I just want a clothing brand with no politics behind it.'

To us, this is tragic because politics means there is some ideological conflict or debate. In this situation, there are no “politics”. There is no debate. It's just what's right and what's wrong.

There is nothing “political” about speaking out and speaking the truth against racism and injustice.

There are only facts. If you can’t understand and fight against the reality of racism in America, then you have some self-examining/educating to do. If videos of police violence don't make you tangibly angry, then I doubt your humanity.

Vapor95 is steadfast in our fight alongside people of color against the corrupt and violent system. We recently pledged $1,000 to Black Lives Matter. We want to do everything we can in this fight against oppression as we seek to remove the authoritarian militarized American police force that acts as perpetrators of the racist prison and criminal justice industry.


Vapor95 is extremely excited to present the #defundthepolice collectionIntroducing the Serve Who? and No Justice No Peace designs, created by Svqqa, now available on Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and Tees. Our commitment: 100% of the profits of these designs will go directly to the N.A.A.C.P. Legal Defense & Education Fund.

No Justice No Peace

Serve Who?

Available now at Vapor95. Click the designs above to view the full collection in our store!
Help us defund the police by purchasing a piece from the #defundthepolice collection.