We're so happy to feature you on our Darknet blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how long you've been doing art. 

I've been creating as long as I can remember, but really got into digital art about 8 years ago. I started learning photoshop and got really into editing my photography to create new worlds. Pretty soon I was creating near daily as I started sharing my work on Instagram. I grew up in a small logging town, so social media was a huge way to feel connected with things that felt much bigger and exciting than my daily life. 

What inspired you to dive into the graphic design world? What was that spark for you?  
Originally, I started getting into graphic design to create visuals for my high school band. I remember walking around the college town nearby and seeing all the gig posters thinking "I bet could make something cooler than these." Haha. I really wanted my band to stand out so I started my deep dive into the world of graphic design. It was also really exciting to make t-shirts and CD layouts and seeing those printed into a physical form. 

Your style is super unique, interesting, and really beautiful. Please tell us about your artistic journey.
Thank you, I've worked on developing my style for years! I was starting to get burnt out on surrealism and found myself running out of ideas/visions. Some of my very first digital edits were photo based with simple typography. Reflecting on that, I thought it could be fun to take everything I'd learned in Photoshop, and rather than start with a photo, start with a simple black background and white text. I started getting over my hesitations with typography and found a real way to express my emotions and connect with my audience on a much deeper level. 

It is so interesting to see how you achieve your final look for your art! Please tell us about your creative process. What software do you use? Do you have text in mind before you start creating?
My process is pretty much just messing around, distorting then cleaning back up, more messing around and then finally more messing around. Outside of client work that references specific pieces of mine, I rarely go into a piece with a plan. I start with a word or phrase and then just kind of let go and see where it takes me. I mostly use Photoshop, but I find myself utilizing analog techniques, 3D, and more at times. Most of my style has derived from me not being satisfied enough with a piece and just editing it way too much until I dig what I see. 

Do you listen to music while working on your art? If so, please share your favorite artists or albums with us! 
Music is the biggest thing in my life! :) Lately, I've been really jamming FKJ's latest EP, Still Woozy, Omar Apollo, SiR, Raveena, and The Last Artful, Dodgr

If you werenʼt an artist, what would you do for a living?
Does doing music professionally count as being artist still? I've honestly never had any other plan than to be a rock star. Graphic design/visual art was actually my backup plan originally. Haha! At this point I know I'll always be a visual artist too, but I'm really excited for my music to pick up more. 

What is your ultimate dream to accomplish with your art? How do you see yourself at the highest point of your career?
Once I've starred in/directed a movie, started a clothing/fashion line, toured the world with my music, started a charity to help support art in low-income communities, and reached a point where I can help make tangible change to the many issues plaguing our society, I'll feel alright with where I'm at in my career.

Letʼs say you get full artistic freedom on a billboard on the busiest road in a huge city where millions will see your message. What would your message be? Any combo of words and images is fine.
Honestly probably something cheesy and cliche like "don't you dare fuckin' give up." There have been so many moments where I've felt like I couldn't achieve anything or keep going. I truly do believe though, if you're stubborn enough and willing to bet on yourself, things will work out. 

Finally, what would you say to up-and-coming artists who want to pursue their passion?
The biggest thing I ever could've done was to start creating every day. Make it a challenge with yourself, and you'll realize so many of the excuses you had wash away. Your skill set and eye will develop so much faster too. There is no magic formula and it does take time, but if you keep going with it, you'll see results, and maybe even have your whole world changed. 

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