Cd.BETA. Rose & Chrome1.0 NFT


This is an NFT for both a Physical 30" x 40" oil painting along with a print quality render file. Cd.BETA.Rose&Chrome1.0 is a conceptual Vaporwave piece originating as a render created in collaboration between artists Paul Plastic and Kevin Rejtö Lowry.

The render was then translated into the physical dimension as an oil painting by Kevin Rejtö Lowry. The winning bidder will be shipped the oil painting along with emailed the high res print ready master art/render file.


Paul Rosas was born on February 24, 1989 in Los Angeles, CA ; his work explores the unseen forces hidden beneath the surface of whatever we call "reality" by mediums including photography, video, & 3D animations. Paul experiments with language & visual mediums to experiment with new techniques for representing ideas of the unconscious and dream states we all universally experience.

He is concerned with deconstructing language to define our “true” reality, awareness and what we call “human emotions” Rosas is inspired by dreams, planets, mythical and contemporary religion, nothingness, comedy, people, nature, and all artists, no matter what style they play.

Dwelling in psychedelic idealism and the abstract of this "reality" using 3D renders to recreate/mimic abstractions that get to that "real", in which there is no difference between the "real" and the "idea"; what he calls the "dream". The dream, set in a psychedelic world more real than "reality", he creates surreal images and a hybrid blend of mysticism and religious provocation.

Rosas studied Graphic design at Rio Hondo College. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Collaborating with many artist, in which he is exploring and developing more towards his passion for film and the 3D visual arts


Born in Los Angeles and raised in the Bay Area Kevin returned to LA as a young adult. Obsessed with nostalgia for lost times and places Kevin has a profound collection of retro VHS Tapes, Vintage Clothes, Cassette Tapes, and even a customized Haiso Spec. Kaido racer.

Kevin Lowry is a self taught painter who has been painting since 2009. He began with graffiti writing to computer generated renders to painting. His paintings have a certain “aesthetic”, a feeling of “this could be from the past, but it’s clearly not”.

Creating the 30" x 40" oil painting of Cd.BETA.Rose&Chrome1.0 took Kevin over 7 months. 

Profits from the sale of this piece go directly to the artists. 

The NFT is now available for 11ETH on Vapor95's page! Check the link below and happy bidding! 

Cd.BETA.Rose&Chrome1.0 NFT