Holiday Shopping can be stressful! Helios and the Vapor95 team want to help. Introducing our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide with our staff favorite recommendations for everyone on your list, and a handful of items that ship out quick! So let’s leave the naughty and nice list to Santa, fire up your dial-up and get your hot cocoa ready to sip. This list will surely make your gift recipients say “Woah! Thank you, this gift is the sh**! :)”



First on the list are Vapor95 Pins, they’re practical and small and perfect for all!
Helios will definitely be placing Vapor95 pins on the stockings that hang in a row on his marble mantle, just so you know. See below for our favorites or browse them all on the web here



Our second recommendation checks-off the box for a gift that offers both protection and style, and no, it’s not socks. Vapor95 Face Masks are perfect for winter, with a e s t h e t i c designs made on a sublimation printer. The antimicrobial fabric is machine washable and comfortable, making these Face Masks a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift for your friends and family to wear out to dinner.










We’ve gushed over it since its arrival, anyone else nostalgic for a walkman revival?

Next on our Vapor95 must-have gift list - the CD Mirror, is perfect for anyone who loves music, the ‘90s, or a e s t h e t i c decor.

Do you miss the days when a personalized mix CD was the most meaningful gift to give? Perhaps this mirror can fill the void. Pair it with a Spotify QR Code and hand-written track list made by you, for a gift that is both practical and super memorable too.




Neon lights and nostalgia, the two go hand in hand, am I right? A fun and easy way to update any room and gaming setup. They're a super unique gift and perfect for anyone on your list 


Alien Neon Light 


Gifting something they can wear? You can’t go wrong with a best selling Vapor95 graphic tee. The designs below are our #1 sellers, they’re comfortable, cool and unisex. Perfect for any person on your list who likes anime, Vaporwave and/or ‘90s aesthetics. These super soft best sellers ship out fast.

Mac Tonight Tee


Shiba Quest Tee


Private Moment Tee


Pure Juice Tee





We have a one of a kind collection of handmade hats and beanies to appeal to everyone on your list, best part is, they ship out quick! Even Helios has a favorite he’s coveting for his own marble head in the clouds. Can you guess which one it is?


Zen Beanie 


All My Friends Are Dads



Vapor95 Inside 




 These vibrant vinyl sticker sheets are perfect for ​​anyone on your list who loves anime, cyberpunk, and vaporwave. They adhere to most surfaces and can transform the most basic of laptops and water bottles into an a e s t h e t i c object of desire. A great small gift for any of your friends.


Legion Trash Art Stickers 


Nemupan Stickers


Heavy Aesthetic Stickers 



If you know that you want SOMETHING from the vapor95 collection, but you’re having a hard time deciding exactly which something to purchase- the mystery box could be a problem solver for you.


Of course, Mystery boxes aren’t just for those struggling with a decision. If you really like surprises or simply want some great value out of a single purchase- these boxes are a great look for you.


The mystery box comes in two sizes: large and small.


Large boxes have a guaranteed value of $280 for only $175 and include:

2 mystery sticker sheets

1 mystery darknet cassette tape

3 Mystery Pins

2 Mystery Graphic Tees

1 Mystery Graphic Hoodie

2 Mystery Face Masks

1 Mystery Beanie or Hat


Small Mystery boxes have a guaranteed value of $175 for only $95 and come with:

1 Mystery Sticker Sheet

1 Mystery Pin

2 Mystery Graphic Tee shirts

2 Mystery Face Masks



And there you have it, the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! You can view our entire guide with additional product recommendations here:  


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Don't hesitate to reach out to us at or on Instagram if you have any questions about what to gift the special people in your life this holiday season.