Five New Exclusive Vapor95 Spotify Playlists for February

If music ceased to exist, what would you do? It'd be a real tragedy, huh?

No doubt, h e l i o s would be completely empty inside if that day came. But, what would you do if you simply couldn’t find more of your favorite music? Would you pay someone on the DARKNET to lasso you some wild bootlegs? Would you search for it in the dark, dirty, neon-drenched underbelly of your neo noir city? Would you speed down endless highways in paradise with your ears open and listening for fresh sounds?

Just to think of my marble skin never getting the goosebumps of new musical pleasure makes me feel dead inside. Good thing you and I don’t have to worry about any of this happening. Why?

Vapor95 through its Vaporwave lifestyle blog DARKNET presents five exclusive and ever-expanding Spotify playlists! Click the pictures to access the playlists through Spotify.


It doesn’t get much more vapor than the iconic sounds of Vaporwave found on this playlist. These are the tracks that define your favorite aesthetic genre. Surf forever on the waves of nostalgia. Quench your virtual lust. Next time you parents ask you what the hell vaporwave is, let them hear these classic Vaporwave tracks. Soon, your parents will be singing and grooving to vaporwave in the family room. Then again, perhaps you shouldn’t let them listen. There are some things you cannot unsee. 


If Leonardo Da Vinci was alive today, he would no doubt stroke his creative fires with the Lo-Fi Hip-Hop playlist. All brilliant, creative, genius, wild minds need recovery and relaxation. But, I’m not talking about Da Vinci’s. I’m talking about yours, my genius friend. This is a playlist for rainy Saturdays in the cafe. Existential reflections on a rooftop. Laying on your bed thinking watching your cat sleep. Cuddling with someone who reminds you you’re not alone.


The Japanese have a word for when you’re looking at nothing in particular and feeling stupefied and empty-minded. Boketto. Vapor95 Selects, a trendy, hot playlist, represents the modern evolution of Vaporwave into a milieu of subgenres. It’s the same reflective, washed-out nostalgia and emotions of Vaporwave bleeding into countless new territories. Dozens of songs for all your complicated emotions. With a dazzling variety of tracks, people will beg you to take command of the aux cable. You and your friends might get stupefied. You might get empty-minded. You’ll be everything but numb though.


If vaporwave was a drug that felt like an idyllic trip down a lazy river in an abandoned shopping mall, synthwave would be your morning adrenaline spike to bring you out of the fuzz. While this synthwave is more edgy, driving, and pulsating, it’s still steeped in the cool ‘80s and ‘90s spirit. This playlist is no exception. It’s got all the classics. The ones that defined a brand new genre. No amount of late ‘80s movie binging could bring you a better nostalgia than this new playlist.


The Vaportrap playlist requires the dirtiest of sound systems. Deep sub basses, hypnotic pitched vocals, and classic trap percussion. All wrapped up in a vaporwave bow. This is music for when the purple and pink neon switches to a dark red and things get hazy. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about the pixelated puff, puff, pass. Swerve at your own risk. It’s trap. It’s vapor. We’ve curated it. What more can h e l i o s say? 


Enjoy the new sounds brought to you by these five unique, dynamic mixes and make sure to follow us on SoundCloud!

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