Here’s a special 2019 announcement from h e l i o s and the Vapor95 team on the future of your Vapor95 apparel.

It’s time to escape into an even better Vaporwave experience. h e l i o s and the Vapor95 team had the opportunity to sit and think about what 2019 will mean for us. We let ourselves get swept up in possibilities, fantasies, and nightmares. Don’t get us wrong. We love what we’ve created since the beginning of Vapor95 three years ago. But, what would happen if we never evolved? Sure, Vaporwave will stay the same. It will endure. It will stay alive (even if it wasn’t ever alive).

As for Vapor95, we want to grow. We want to get better. We want to reach more of the people who love what we stand for. Last month, something scared h e l i o s. Big time.

As a soft wind rustled through the quiet shopping mall in the wake of the new year party, h e l i o s started thinking. Confetti gathered at my feet. Empty bottles of Clear Pepsi bobbed in the fountain water below. I saw my reflection. I thought, 2018 was great. What would happen if we did exactly the same thing as last year though?

The same designs as last year. The same quality material. The same music available for you. What if it all stayed the same?

This question sickened me. It got worse when I thought about you, our loyal fan. What if Vapor95 was the exact same for you as it was last year? The designs would get stale. You wouldn’t feel excitement for new releases. There’d be a little joy missing from your life. How would that feel? 

You see, everyone needs freshness. I know it’s weird to think about. It motivated me though. After all, we are committed to continuous growth. Evolution. Newness. Better and better.

Recently, we made a little change. The old material we used in our sweatshirts and hoodies was 100% Polyester. We always heard our customers say it was comfortable. Some even described it as the “softest hoodie ever.” It was a beautiful material but being 100% polyester had one fatal flaw. It didn't breathe well. Also, after repeated washing it pilled a.k.a. made little lint balls on the fabric. Sounds cute but not very aesthetic.

We realized that this wasn't the best material in the entire world for you. We decided to take it one step further toward creating extremely luxury products. As of reading this, we’re switching our all over print products (hoodies, zip up hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, shorts) to a brand new super soft and luxury blended fabric of 60% Polyester and 40% Rayon. This new stuff resists pilling. It’s incredibly soft and cozy.




Here’s another cool part we discovered about the blend. The print on the new material is less “loud.” Instead of looking like it was printed by a machine yesterday, the new hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, and shorts have a more vintage and distinguished look while still maintaining the vibrance of the Vaporwave aesthetic.

You’re going to look even more retro. More authentic to the time. Fresh from the 1995 vault.



It’s a dramatic improvement to the quality of our apparel. As a clothing company, we’re incredibly proud and happy about this development. We want to carry you further and further into the luxury feel of the Vaporwave era.

You wished for a more original aesthetic. This is it.