Vapor95 proudly presents an exclusive art installation by Multidisciplinary Vaporwave artist Haiiileen!

These vibrant acrylic panels are set into circular gold mirror frames and are best viewed while hanging and spinning. They are interactive planetary installations used to help us explore reflection, the interaction of light within space, and the relationship of your own perspective on the artwork itself.

They are now available for purchase in The Vapor95 Store in Los Angeles.

Haiiileen is an interdisciplinary artist known for her neo-acid experimental works that span across several different mediums and facets.

She has a rare sensory condition known as synesthesia, which transforms everything she hears into visual imagery. Haiiileen then incorporates her explorations and findings of this unique perspective into 3-dimensional mediums and installations, where she can bring her synesthetic visions to life and transport her viewers to transcendent, alternate worlds.

For her collaboration with the Vapor95 Store, she has created a sixteen piece collection of hydro dipped acrylic panels set into circular gold mirror frames.

Two sizes are available: 36”(D) x 1”(H) and 24”(D) x 1”(H). The two seen in the images above are two of the 24”(D) x 1”(H) installations. Each one comes with a certificate of authenticity, which will be mailed to you.

Her catalog is available upon request and more about her can be found here.

See the installations up close at the Vapor95 Store in Los Angeles!

Visit us at 850 Santee St. here in Los Angeles. In addition to art installations, you'll also find a massive selection of our apparel and accessories, including our best-selling tees, hoodies, joggers, hats, pins, selected women's styles, and so much more! Our store also offers a unique shopping experience with retro tech devices to interact with, including a T.V. wall and Neo Geo arcade machine, a life-size cherry blossom tree, and custom Vaporwave wall art throughout the store created in partnership with the art collective Chewing Foil.

For now, we're open on an appointment-only basis allowing a reservation of thirty minutes for parties of up to five individuals, Wednesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM and Sunday from 12 PM to 5 PM.


In addition to in-store appointments, we also offer delivery from the store to your door (for local L.A. orders) as well as order pick-up.

Masks and temperature checks will be required for entry at time of appointment.